Sunday, May 30, 2010

bestfriends, scary flicks + bows. ♥

I'm currently quite stressed out cos i have a 2000 word essay that is worth 40% of my overall grade to start writing, that's right- start. it's due tomorrow! and i hate the topic.
it's on gene engineering and i have to talk about ethical, social and bla bla implications of either the Monsanto vs Schmeiser or human genome project. sigh
i think i'll be talking about monsato vs s. but i will see. (i guess i don't have much time to decide though do i?!)
i had quite a good weekend. drove to the apple service center to drop off my macbook for repair and then did a bit of shopping with the bestfriend who was awesome enough to drive me to the repair centre. she's mega super cool :)
went exploring along puckle street, then drove the lil bro to vietnamese language school (to his dismay as he hates it but it will benefit him in VCE where he will no doubt beat my enter score cos he's a smartie)
I got a bruise on my hip bone cos i walked into the bestie's car door. :( now it has turned purple. not great. not great at all.
We visited llew (who's awesome as always) and then went to the dvd store to get a scary flick and a comedy/non scary. we chose julie & julia (boring, failed expectations) and the devil's chair (fucked up, oh so fucked up). The night in was good and we got to catch up and dnm.

i'm also after the single sportsgirl eyeshadows but my local has sold out of all the colors so if anyone can CP me some from their sportsgirl, please do, i will appreciate it a lot :) x

i picked up this cute bow beanie in both black and grey. the bow on the grey one is a bit crooked and i'm a perfectionist so i'm contemplating exchanging it. but that is my perfectionist side for you. But it sets it apart a bit from the black one so maybe that's a good thing? :)

In a bid to be a good student (in a last minute situation) i'm off to start on my essay now! hope everyone had a nice weekend :)


  1. goodluck with the essay hun, ohh did your bestie dye her hair if so it looks very pretty! loving that beanie very cute... hope your well hun take care mwaaa xo

  2. Ah, a two thousand word essay :|
    Good luck, love!

    That leather jacket is hot ;D

  3. gorgeous beanie cecilia! where did u get it from? and as i said on facebook...u can do ur essay! :D (though the topic does sound extremely unappealing hahah)

  4. Cute beanie! I've been eyeing off a few lately, there's some gorgeous ones out at the moment!

  5. Hey dear! My weekend has been alright, mainly boring though. Hope you're doing ok with that essay!

    I got the BourJois Sweet Kiss lippie in 47 Rose Pare. It is gorgeous. Def my HG lippie for now. You should get one while the sale is still on!! =)

    And omg, I'm lemming for those BourJois blushes you got in your last entry. They don't usually have such good sales, so I might head out and get those matte ones after my exam. Good thing the sale still goes till June 7!! My exam is on June 3, haha.

    How is the Revlon Peach lippie? Looks cute, now I kinda want one too...

    Wow, look at your influence on me, hahaha. XD I keep looking at how pretty the items are on your blog!

  6. Oh wow! Good luck with your essay! I'm starting to stress too and I've got another week until I have two major ones due, so I don't know how you do it!

    Your beanie is cute and definitely exchange if you're not 100% happy :P It'll just continue driving you mad so do it whilst you still can!

    I totally wish I'd been forced to attend language school as a child... your bro is lucky to have a lovely family to look out for him like that.

    Aaand lastly, what eyeshadows were you after?

  7. you and your friend are gorgeous! good luck with the essay, hope it gooes well:)

  8. hey I bought the same beanie from Sportsgirl yesterday. $4.95 - who could resist? i got the grey one too. they're cute as.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥