Thursday, May 27, 2010

♥ bonjour

so today i got up the will power to go shopping, no not really but i had to get an external hard drive to back up everything on my laptop before i send it away to get fixed. ah yes...update; i accidently poured some liquid onto my laptop and i think a bit got in the keys or so cos the keyboard has stopped working. it's very depressing. my poor macbook ♥ i hope it survives.
so i did manage to pick up some cheap bargains- the most i spent on a single item today was $17. (not including the hard drive which of course cost me, cry*)

here is what i got;
oh hello priceline sell. 50% off bourjois & buy one get one free revlon. mmhmm. ♥

revlon colorburst lippie in soft nude

revlon colorburst lippie in peach
(haha i was excited about this one so i tried it out right after i got it, sorry for the mess! =p)

bourjois blushes in 74 & 48.
so excited about these, they look so pretty! theyre both matteish too which i like and a reason why i chose them. most of bourjois blushers are like shimmer overload so these were a treasured find.

diva $5 sale finds. :)

i love my dresses :)
(although i am looking for a nice pair of fancy simple nicely cut trouser pants)

and i also picked up 2x essentials (mascara etc) but i didnt take pics of them cos you know, boring.

i also went out for dinner with my mama last night. we went to quite a nice place although kinda exxy for what it was.

and sammy has been staying warm;


  1. i love those lipsticks.
    i love that floral.
    and i really love your dog.
    ours need to meet and fall inlove.

  2. I'm sure Apple will fix your macbook and then it will be as good as new! And I love the colourburst lipsticks that you got! I've been trying to find them in drugstores in Vancouver but so far no luck :(

    And your dresses are so summery! Love them!

  3. Nice haul! Your dog is so cute!

    Lots of love,

  4. loving the revlon lippies, and sammy is sooo cute!

  5. Haha oh my god girl, after reading your blog post, I headed to Priceline!! Thank god for the sale. I've been eyeing a Bourjois Lippie for quite a while and got it for such a steal!! I love it :) - also got a mascara. Happy day!

  6. love the dresses - where did u find them?

  7. Your dog is so cute! And I totally love the Diva accessories - especially the rings, nice bargain ;)

  8. i love my revlon colorburst lippie in soft nude

  9. @ melty-melts; can't reply to ur blog so shall reply here :D i got the nautical dress at temt and the floral one at valleygirl, they were both last ones/one offs so i was pretty stoked at the cheap bargain find! :)


  10. love the dresses!
    I love revlons soft nude!
    ur puppy is too cute


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥