Monday, May 3, 2010

diamond in a rutt

hello all! sorry for the break in blogging. i have been busy with uni assessments and life in general. i had a mishap with public transport on friday, resulting in me coming 30 mins late to a tutorial in which i had to do an oral presentation, argh! good news is i think it went quite well but i know my tutor's a hard marker so i'm scared to expect anything.

I've had a few outfits + FOTDs that i've wanted to post but i have been sick and that means i've slept heaps and only waked up like an hr before i've had to go somewhere to get ready. I've always had to leave right away so no time to whip out the camera =p

However today which is sunday (though this post is on monday as it's after midnight) I spent with the family at home and then went to church and groceries shopping at night.
so i got to do a bit of clicking with the camera :) nothing exciting though- eyeshadow in church automatically makes you feel like a drag queen.

~a simple clean look, wearing Chanel's rouge allure laque in santal on lips.

Dress: Chloé - Sandals: Wittner

I regretted spending so much on this chloe dress which i won off ebay about 2 years ago but i discovered its good quality means it's lined and quite warm in winter so love it! ♥

Those who know me well will have noted my obsession with huge statement cocktail rings. Here i am rocking one from ASOS which compliments my frock! :)

Saturday night i went to a good high school friend's house to celebrate her 18th birthday- was really fun to catch up with her as i hadn't seen her for AGES. and we went to laser tag and i discovered that i will laser shoot lil kids to win haha :D it was really fun as our team was all older people and the other two teams were literally lil kids like 5-12 year olds. and they were crazy, oh boy they were! they were out to laser kill me.
oh and i also learnt how to play pool! our team won too soo yay yes yay! and i got 3 balls in :D admittedly, my first 'goal' involved the white ball flying off the table and nearly killing someone but hey it was my first time okay!

The birthday girl is really sweet and her family is super nice.
Some or well 'one' of her guests was someone i don't really like and during the movie we watched late at night she kept like bitching about everyone and i felt like turning around and suffocating her with a pillow but the birthday girl was also talking so i resisted. I just hate how high school is over but some people haven't grown up.

I've had a good think about my life lately and i've decided to put a strong ban on my spending on clothes & make up because;

1. I need money for going out now that i'm 18. Fun ain't cheap
2. I have too many clothes- many i haven't even worn
3. I have too many lipsticks and eyeshadows- many i haven't worn
4. I need money for food. i like nice food. Food ain't cheap

and also i've decided..*drum roll* i'm gonna learn how to sew! my mum is a master at it (hah asian parents) so she will be my mentor and i think it'll be great. I love vintage shopping so now if i find something that isn't right but has great potential, i can make something amazing out of it. ♥

Also, my exams are coming up in June so time to study and revise so i don't have a panic attack when it comes around.

also uploaded a video on my latest ASOS haul;

plus- a bit of a delay but i was tagged by the lovely Skye and given the beautiful blogger award a week or so ago.

As part of this i must share 7 facts about myself :)

1. I get sick every winter
2. I am obsessed with ice-cream and mocha. yum
3. I lose weight and gain weight really easily
4. I am a creature of habit
5. I have too many eyeshadows and lipsticks in my make up collection. way too many. (but ♥ it!)
6. I love my puppy so much :) he gets really annoying sometimes cos he's super hypo but i don't think i could live without him
hello sammy!

7. I dream of having a walk in wardrobe/whole room dedicated as a wardrobe one day. Seriously. I'm over my floordrobe and attempting to squish items in my wardrobe & closet.

I tag everyone who hasn't been tagged and would like to do it :)

off to begin another week darlings! first by sleeping :) 3am? i think my sleep time is way overdue.


  1. I love/want your hair!

    <33 Rena

  2. I love your Chloe dress - it's beautiful and it's so easy to wear!


  3. You should totally establish a blog where bloggers can purchase goods!! :) just a suggestion! xx

  4. Argh! I know what you mean! With mid-years coming up, the work load at uni is getting hectic ><

    I love that floral skirt you're wearing in the, I think, fifth photo with your friends! It's so cute! And that faux leather jacket (in your video) is hot! I love the soft leather ones cos they're just so much easier to move in ;D

    I'm actually after MAC's eyeshadow in dazzlelight. I also have MAC's eyeshadows in Chill and Yogurt, if you're interested. I don't even know how I got them. Gahh, moneyyy Q_Q I'm really simple with my make up (mainly cos my eyes are so small and the smokey look and such only emphasize how small they are). But yeah, I'm just looking for the dazzlelight eyeshadow, a plum eyeliner and maybelline's diamond glow eyeshadow in mocha brown LOL!

    And I agree with the previous comment! You should open up a "shop" on blogger for items you don't use or wear :D

  5. very pretty

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  6. LOL! When I have those 'must do's' I only break them. Gotta love your lippies and clothes gal. Life is just so empty without it. Yeah, totally agree that good food is so expensive in Australia. But it's world class. I still haven't found a cafe that does a decent latte and it breaks my heart.

  7. ngaaw, im glad u guys had fun!! im missing hs friends now :( haven't seen those blokes since forever!! and i totally adore that ring! o.o and the floral mini skirt screams LOVE!!

  8. love your nail colours and the makeup
    ah i wish i have a walk in closet too

    have a great weekend!
    join my giveaway if you havent :) 1205 giveaway


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥