Monday, May 31, 2010

make a wish

I'm so drained today! but i enjoy blogging- it's like an outlet for moi, and i guess it allows you to look over your day. I need a break and i need sleep. I stayed up till after 4am last night doing my essay and then this morning a parcel came and the item was faulty so that made my day start on a shitty note. The bestfriend then picked me up to drive me to uni (alll the wayyyy in lilydaleee) and we got directed by the GPS to the west gate freeway (thanks GPS, not) instead of the normal way we normally go cos we made a wrong turn at the start and confused it. It took us around 2 and a half hours (with detours for petrol and maccas but stilll) as the west gate was jammed in traffic at arnd 12pm cos some doosh crashed his car and the cops took up a whole lane.

I really don't like Lilydale..prolly cos their train line comes every 40 mins and it's 2.5 hrs away by public transport for me but still, we did witness a very pretty part of the neighborhood;

I also fell down the steps outside when i went out to try and put out the bins before, Let me tell you, when i'm tired- my mind is like dead. So hello big graze featuring bruise on my right knee.
I think i will have time tomorrow to have a bit of a sleep in and then clean my room- I have so much make up and clothes i NEED to sell- i have no space to move around- i am a horrible hoarder atm.
And i will do an eyeshadow look! :) i miss eyeshadow. haha ♥
Can't f*ck around too much though as i have exams approaching very soon and a class exam/test this friday, major sigh.

All in all, for a monday, not too bad :)


  1. Goodluck for your exams, you and your best friend are absolutely adorable!

  2. Oh, which Bourjois lippie is it? Must be a popular colour!!

    I'll get the Peach Revlon as soon as my exam is over this Thursday. Hehehe. A treat for surviving the end of semester!

    My Monday has been crappy, been studying all day but was distracted a lot. Ugh!

    Good luck with exams dear! Looking forward to your eyeshadow look. =)

  3. omg! i was stuck in that traffic on the westgate too! i was like ohhh holy shit i aint waiting in this carpark, so i got off at millers rd and sat in a carpark next to altona gate trying to set my GPS to avoid the westgate. i ended up going home this really weird way through geelong rd, footscray rd, and then through the city, but it was better than waiting in traffic.
    did u actually see where the crash happened?

  4. stuck in traffic sucks XO You girls are adorable and I Love the red sweater you had on :) good luck with exams!

  5. there there, hope all is well!! drink some lemonade, it helps get rid of bruises :D i bet you already know that though haha



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥