Thursday, May 20, 2010

smile lovely

hello lovelies ♥
long time no update :(
life has just been super stressful for me with assessments due every few days and exams coming up in a few weeks. I just have not been in the mood to dress up or apply eyeshadow. However i feel like im becoming a bit depressed (easy to fall into cos of the cold weather) and like really lethargic. So gotta get motivated babyyy!

Aside from major gossip girl marathons with hot choc, i can't say i've been up to much. The travel to lilydale whenever i have uni is a real drainer, words can't describe how much i hate it. I'm at prahran next semester @ swinburne's design campus so i may become arsty fartsy (as i quoted to krissy on an earlier discussion on facebook) I'm not so happy with having to fork out $150 (with student discount) for adobe photoshop though, as i don't have it and i need it for my design units next semester. blah

I went highpoint for a bit today (VIP night thing- did not buy much. had to go down to the bank to complain about something and then i bought a dress, a ring, a pair of earrings, some small essentails then left- imma good girl *stares at huge pile of unworn clothes in room and feels guilty*) then i met up with Carlos late in the afternoon cos he finished uni early. We discovered the funky backgrounds in photobooth;
haha! :)

what i wore;
(i really need to get a big tripod or a minion who will come around taking photos of me outside where there's nice backgrounds and stuff :p)
jacket: vintage
top: random brand
jeans: random brand
necklace & ring: diva

boots: vintage

On the weekend i went to the heat cosmetics sale with krissy, brands such as covergirl, red earth, bourjois, maxfactor etc discounted mega-ly. overspent a bit but ah well it was my first time going so boo.

moi stash on my bed before sorting and finding a place in my collection;

and here's me wearing one of the lip products i picked up from the sale;
~wearing bourjois docteur glamour lippie in lilas ausculte ♥

mmm so yes, i am beginning to get motivated back into blogging. i think i will do a swatch post of all the nyx lippies i got in my last mega US haul cos ive hardly used any of them at all. im sure there's some great colors there too.
and contest give away coming up soon! keep an eye out- sleek eyeshadow palette? yess! covergirl lash blast? yesss...frreee? yes! and more? yes!


  1. thanks hun! :)
    sammy is very cute too! not to mention photogenic!

    the lippie that you are wearing is such a gorgeous colour! too bad we don't have mega make-up sales like this in vancouver.

  2. ngaww hello there lovely! gossip girl marathon are always so so fun! and krissey's eyeliner is perfect!! you girls rock! stay beautiful!!

  3. Loving the jacket!

    I'm almost glad now that I couldn't make the heat sale... can only imagine how overboard I would have gone!

    Do post the NYX swatches, I've been craving more l/s.

  4. Love your outfit of the day! So chic and cute!
    And wow... your lashes!!! Did you wear falsies here? Lash extensions? Your natural lashes? :p

  5. gorgeous jacket! and so many products...!

  6. @ jess; nope those are my natural lashes :) i have them curled & im wearing mascara though.
    i still don't know how to apply falsies! :| i always end up giving away the ones i have to my mum.


  7. haha love how carlos is wearing the correct outfit.

  8. oh mam $150 for photoshop! i actually downloaded it on limewire (shhh) and unless you need the super new version, ive got version 7.0 which is quite good and i can pass it on to you! :)

    and that lippie looks really nice on you! i was wondering what it was when i first saw it!


  9. Hi doll, just found your blog and loving it! Keep it glam ;) xoxo

  10. Wow, you have such beautiful hair!! Your eyes are gorgeous too, and of course your outfit! :)

    Aya ( )

  11. oh my god i love your new hair you HOT THING! <3
    lover you are just so gorgeous.<3

  12. Loving the outfit! And Boujois lipstick.. ooh, looks lovely. How much was it at the sale? I have one on my wishlist right now, goes for $23 full price (am broke, sigh T_T.

    And please do post those NYX lippie swatches =) I just went on a Cherry Culture haul myself, but probably if there are nice lippies, I'll get more. The site is so unreliable in terms of colours, but so far I've been lucky and they've all been nice!

  13. =o this sucks, i swear i wanna be in on the makeup sale loop. you guys always find the best bargains, from now on im inviting myself along when u go on shopping trips haha.



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥