Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dancing neutrals

~Urban decay primer potion as base. Covergirl eyeshadow trio in shimmering sands, light shimmery cream pink on inner lid, champagne color on mid to outer lid & chocolate color in crease & outer v.
Wearing revlon colorburst l/s in 'soft nude'.

I had today planned out to;
1. clean my room
2. sort through my clothes & make-up, take pictures and put items up for sale. (blog sale sale yeah lovelies? :])
3. study study study
However i got a call at arnd 3.30pm from Apple saying they had my laptop repaired- yay! but problem: no one could give me a lift so i decided to suck it up and catch public transport because i really wanted my laptop back. i've missed you dear laptop!
They replaced my whole top inc the keyboard & touch pad. Cost $600 but i didnt have to pay cos it was under warranty, phew! it was so quick too :D i gave it in on saturday and it's ready by tuesday. i was expecting a two week delay so i'm ecstatic.
It was quite a long walk up puckle st to get to the apple service centre but the walk back was so so quick because i was practically dancing down the street with joy. That was until i got to moonee ponds station and realized the fact that i was carrying a $2000 laptop in my bag should not be made public lol. *yonk* and goodbye macbook.
I went footscray to meet up with my mum and her friends to eat, My best mate carlos met up with me as well. Poor him, being emo about exams and all- i totally understand it sucks major balls.

I've also decided to share my latest ebay finds; which i can not wait to receive but means i need to clear my closet (or well room, hello floor, chair and bed-drobe) of stuff i will not wear anymore to make space for these new babies!

Topshop black patent leather brogues

knitted black beret beanie with grey bow

ASOS black lace up detail boots

black patent mary jane t-bar mid heels

Topshop vine floral skater dress ♥

I've been selling my items on ebay again but well, there goes the money i've made into more goodies. i'm borderline hoarder but hey at least i hoard gorgeous things right? ;P


  1. The neutral colours look great and doesn't clash with your hair at all (duhh) =D =D

    I'm really loving the beret and t-bar heels! They're so cuuute!

  2. your lashes are SO LONG!
    i love the neutrals on your beautiful yes.
    you look amazing.<3

  3. love the neutral makeup :)
    And so totally jealous of those topshop brogues!

    x ~j

  4. lmaooo "at least i hoard gorgeous things"
    thats a classic!! hahahah :P

    i too have a floor/bed/chair-drobe...its getting to the point where nothing actually fits in my wardrobe anymore! :(

    and yay blog sale! i like blog sales! :D

  5. Blog Sale! Blog Sale! Come quicker please!!
    congratz on getting your laptop back. once mine was broken and it literally took apple two days to fix it.. for free i was dancing down the street like you said too haha i totally know that feeling. revlon soft nude looks so good on you girlie :) cant wait to see the new stuff you will be getting <3

  6. hey!! you lookin gorgeous as always!! and omg the beanie!!!!! its so so pretty <3

  7. looking gorgeous! love your eyelashes:) and those wish list items..ahhh i would love them too - my friend has the floral skater dress - it looks so amazing

  8. So jealous of your purchases! I want to go shopping so baaadly!! I dropped by my Sportsgirl yesterday and they have no eyeshadows :( Sorry! I thought they might considering it's just an accessories branch...

    Mannn, I want shoes! Did I mention that I'm jealous? XD

  9. Beautiful Topshop purchases, I love the floral dress!

  10. I soooo want to see your ASOS black lace up detail boots when they arrive!!! xx

  11. I love the eye make-up! It's neutral but with some oomf!

  12. oh so glad that your laptop is back
    and i love your new buys


  13. I came across your blogg and I really ENJOY your taste in CLOTHING!! LUV EVERYTHING you posted here! I just started following you hehe<33



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥