Saturday, June 19, 2010

go gaga lovely

~wearing MAC's viva glam gaga lipstick with stila pinkle twinkle lip glaze ♥

Oh my, i am sick again :( i have a bad cold-however i feel a bit better now than this morning but i'm starting to get the sniffles so i can think i should spend more time inside till i recover!
I still need to clean my room, if you guys could see the state of it-you would be ashamed! :p And i will clean it right after this post :)

I finally re-painted my nails (i did not have time during exams nor care but now they're over i was horrified by the state of my chipped nails)
~Orly cotton candy :)

I went to the living doll sale yesterday with my dear krissy, was quite a lovely day although at one stage the dust in the warehouse sent me into a coughing fit haha.
We were met by girly musings and trying on layers of clothes hahaa.

also had a quick chat/breakie with my best mate as we met up beforehand so i could give him some ASOS goodies and he caught the train into the city with me.

I was about to spend only $15 as they had 3 items for $10 or one for $5 but then i just had to try on a jacket i had my eye on from the moment i walked into the store. I ended up spending $60, $10 for three items and $50 for one jacket from the current collection i assume.

meet my buys!
light grey faux leather studded jacket..which after googling i discovered is an EXACT topshop copy, i then decided i wanted the real leather topshop one...before realizing it was $300, then i decided my $50 one was the bomb :)

i'm wearing it now and i LOVE it.

the other three items;

off to be a cleaner now :) tata lovelies


  1. I love that jacket, what a great buy! xx

  2. Awesome haul!! I'm lemming all the items you got especially the jacket, what a great colour and style. Doh! Here's hoping they have this sale soon in Syd too.

  3. You're back on blogger :D

    Omgg I was gonna go to the living doll sale today but got to the city a bit late and ceebs =| But gosh, that skirt is soooooooooooooo pretty!!

    Oh, and I totally saw you with your friend at melbourne central again on friday LOL! I was in a rush cos I had my last exam that day =( Despite not being able to say hi, I WAS DIGGING YOUR LEATHER JACKET!

  4. That jacket is so awesome! i remember wanting the topshop one when i saw it online ahhh i really want to go to the sale now but its so far..

  5. Boo! I'm sick at the moment too. I'm glad you survived your exams and that jacket is gorgeous!


  6. that jacket is an exact match! great buy :)

  7. hello gorgeous!! OMG THAT LACED TOP!!! its so so pretty!! and your nails are too cute! <3 and i do wish you well! :D

  8. great buys! the jacket will look great with any of the other ones :)

  9. Wow good on ya, topshop copy!! Thats awesome! And I realised we bought three of the same items haha!
    Ooh and yay photos of us...I look terrible in that sun light photo though hahahah!


  10. quick question - where do you buy your orly / opi / china glaze?

  11. Great haul. Your jacket looks wonderful!

  12. I adore that jacket!
    Ms S Xx

  13. @ melty-melts; couldnt find a way to comment on ur blog so ill reply here :) i get them from a beauty supply near me or on ebay, hth lovely :)

  14. oh i love those nails.
    and those BuYS!
    you look hotttt as usual.
    i wanna see you in that gorgeous jackettt! <3


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥