Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i need a holiday

ah so another break from blogging. I have been *this* close to pulling my hair out this last week. argh! exams assessments everywhere!
I've just been feeling dead overall. I feel like really blah. It's not much of a word but i've been lost for words lately so 'blah' seems to be the perfect adjective.
I received my lovely $200 fine from metro the other day too, i am of coursed overjoyed by this and not wanting to go and cry in the corner *sarcastic flat pan face*. it's the most stupidest reason why too and i am writing to explain and appeal.
I just want to sleep all day, I must force myself to study and live though and by the end of next week i will have freedom for a while to enjoy once my exams are over.
Also, earlier this week i went somewhere with my family and we were at a sunglasses store. The guy serving us was a total babe *major drool moment* =p and he was so nice to me and i was still daydreaming about his cuteness when my mum who stayed back at the store later told me how he was such an arsehole to her and tried to rip her off. Major turn off, you don't f*ck with my mama man! suddenly he lost all his appeal and grew like 3 extra eyebrows in my mind.
I'm also really confused about how i feel about someone. It's weird when you like someone who let's say, is not your 'type' at all. Cos obviously, he has to be pretty damn awesome for me to still like him but then i'll meet a guy who is my 'type' and then i get confused. Sometimes i wonder who i'll marry (i know i know so far away) but I wonder what my reaction would be if i could see into the future and see who it was (happy? disgusted? =p most likely surprised..?)

what i wore;
(well not really, picked this up vintage shopping today!)
vintage black lace and white crochet detail dress

~Urban decay primer potion as base, beautyuk palette no.4 2nd row 4th color-light pinky beige on inner lid, beautyuk palette no.2 2nd row 4th color-shimmery light turquoise on mid to outer lid, NYX dune e/s in crease & outer v.
wearing MAC crosswires l/s.

I finally picked up a bottle of a nail polish i've been lusting after for a while,
OPI jade is the new black ♥
it's gorgeous, i love it!

now cheers to a good week hopefully :)


  1. hi gorgeous!! i loove your dress!! and yeaap that shade on your nails is prettyful!!

  2. that dress is so beautiful! and I also love the nial polish :) you look pretty as always :)

  3. cute dress! I love your random story about love haha. dont mess with your mama? hahahaha i couldnt stop laughing when i saw that. your too cute! good luck with finals. then you can have fun, right?

  4. aww cecilia keep your chin up, smart cookie :) just imagine all the shopping and freedom we'll have after this stress is over! not long now!! :D

    gorgeous dress btw, where do u get these vintage things from?

    oh also! definitely contest that metro fine!! i vaguely remember u telling me the story about why u may be getting a fine... usually they'll just waive ur fine if its for a good reason!


  5. I actually have that dress in blue... hahaha

    Love your new nailpolish!

    I can sympathise with the blah feeling. Assignments (and in your case exams as well - eww!) and the weather is totally not helping!!! Good luck with everything!

    That's horrible about the fine!! I hope you get a successful appeal!

    I totally love how you went straight to giving him three extra eyebrows! Nobody gets my "obsession" with eyebrows, which is totally not an obsession, but apparently they matter (and are more noticeable) to me than other people? So that comment highly amused me. But yes, what a jerk for doing that to your mum!!

    P.S. I checked out my local Sportsgirl the other day too and also a no go D:

  6. I hate people who mess with the family!!!! LOL Ohh and btw, my last post... wasn't my boyfriend! His my ex-bf HAHAHAHAH but we're still really close so its all good! :L P.S Nice choice on the OPI colour!

  7. Aww, hope things get better soon. Uni, classes and endless exams will do that to you! There is light at the end of the tunnel though =)

    Love the OPI shade too, it's gorgeous!


  8. Awww, do you get a break from school soon?

    That vintage dress is lovely!

    Aww, thanks hun! Yea, my pinky is still swollen :(

  9. gorgeosu makeup! love your dress:)
    heh i need a holiday too, love your dress

  10. I just stumbled across your blog and what a great read!

    I love the vintage dress your rocking - it's so pretty! Your eyeshadow is gorgeous too =)

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thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥