Thursday, June 24, 2010

my boudoir ♥

So, those who have read my last few posts will know i have been cleaning and renovating my room! I finally have it how i like it and i can honestly say i feel to maintain it haha! :) It took me a few days as i had a lot of stuff to re-organize. I still have not finished my wardrobe as i'm out of hangers and need to get more to hang up the rest of my stuff (hopefully it shall fit in my wardrobe section as they are in temporary storage in my bro & mum's rooms haha much to their disdain, oh and stuffed in a temp cupboard next to my desk) And also the shoe rack outside my room needs to be sorted!
Dear God, why am i slightly a hoarder??? I am halfway through sorting items for my blog beauty sale. I have way too much stuff which i can not use in this life time!

Welcome to my sanctuary :)

^the culprit-shoe rack with shoes just stuffed on, not good. will be sorted-promise ;p


  1. i love that ppicture of you!
    its GORGEOUS!
    you have quite the amazing room doll.
    holy nail polish!

  2. wow you have a lot of nailpolish! gorgeous picture of your by the way :)

  3. Ahh I love your room! Your have an amazing nail polish collection haha, I especially love your birdcage painting!
    Great post girly!

  4. I love how your room looks so pretty & girly....these pictures reminds me so much of my room back home....

  5. you are soooo organized o_o the nail polishes,bags ,everything has it's place . Also love the window right next to your bed, do you ever get a chance to oversleep with that? :p It would be a nice alarm clock if it was always open.

  6. i love what you are storing your NP on ! your room looks awesome! and so does that photo of you!

  7. Aww, thanks! I need to learn better application tips though.
    I love the filter that you are using! And I'm a hoarder too -- I always think to myself that I will use that thing one day, and then never use it. Your room looks amazing, especially how you organized your jewelery and polishes!
    That's too bad about the gold detailing coming off. I don't have a coral blush, so I'm on the look out for one! I think I will check out it out.
    Sephora just opened in van recently, but I'm glad it opened -- i'm not a big fan of shopping at the makeup counters at department stores.
    I haven't tried any MUFE items, but I want to, especially their eyeliners. You should! Especially if they don't have it in Australia.

  8. I love your boudoir! Everything is so organised and neat.

    Your jewellery organiser is awesome! I need something like that. And I'm just drooling at your nail polish shelf! I need something like that too LOL. Do you find that it gathers alot of dust?

    Oh and can you spare me some shoes please??!! =p

  9. wow... im jealous. i really love ur jewelry organizer. and im really amazed by your nail polish collection! love it!@

  10. Your hair looks gorgeous in that photo!
    Ahh, I'm so jealous! I wish I had the "enthusiasm" to clean my bedroom =\

    I love the print of the bird cage above your bed. It's kind of princess like =D

    Ooh, did you use the Poladroid program (I LOVE IT!) thingy for the polaroid like photos on the side or did you photoshop them? They look great =D

    PS. I'd love to send you a small package =) If you're interested, email me with your posting address at =)

  11. love how you´ve put your nailpolish collection on those little shelves, that looks great!

    it´s a shame they make those gold details like that like that. I think they could make them go through the whole thing, wouldn´t it be nice if the beauty of it lasted longer :)

  12. Ooohh lovely room :)
    May I ask where you bought the bird cage wall decal above your bed from? I've been looking for some pretty wall decal to fill up the empty wall above my bed for some time now!

    x S

  13. woow good work cecilia! lol @ all those stationery drawers for your makeup ... lol i think im gonna need some more of them too!
    *sigh*, you make me happy that there are other people out there whos wardrobes (or hoarding space lol) are just as full as mine! hehe :P
    i shall have to come and check it out!

  14. Wow I love how you store your nail polishes! So original and beautiful! I store mine in the fridge xD

    That bird's cage sticker (or is it painted?) is too cute!

    Your fragrances look great displayed like that (=

  15. I think we might have the same chair! Is it from Ikea?

    Your room looks awesome :D

    I'm about to start re-organising my room and cleaning it... Not looking forward to doing it (don't even know where to start) but I know I'll feel good once it's done.

    Oh, and I'm demanding a makeup storage and collection video! lol


  16. Your room is... TDF!!! Where did you get your jewellery stand? I totally want one like that!!!!


  17. @ s, i can't reply to your blog link so i shall reply here :)
    thanks lovely! i bought the wall decal above my bed from ebay! it was quite cheap too, something like $10!
    hope that helped! :D


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥