Monday, June 21, 2010

to the beach lovely ♥

hello lovelies ♥ so today i have a haul, MAC's to the beach collection came out in Australia today. Normally, i'm not one to buy items' from MAC's limited edition collections. However i have regretted it in the past (volcanic ash exfoliator, i should have bought you :()
There was one item that caught my eye and sold out in other countries once it was released so of course, i had to check it out :)
The MUA at MAC went a bit crazy as i was deciding between dollymix (which i have wanted for ages) or the marine life highlighter/blush so she applied them both on me. She was so nice though and it looked really pretty but just a bit TOO dramatic for me, and she did sheer it out before i left on my request. The other MUAs came over to help me decide and i left with the marine life but it was a close call so i'll be back for dollymix. I also dropped by the estee lauder staff shop as i was kindly given a pass by a lovely girl (if you are reading this, thank-you Stella ♥)
My expectations were not met, if there was a camera capturing my face at the moment i said to the sales assistant "is this all the MAC stuff?" it would have read disappointment disappointment. There was a lot of old stock from past collections, and from the current collection maybe 2-5 lipglass colors, 2 blush colors, 10 eyeshadow colors (and not very great ones either) i did do a round of the store and came out with 3 items.

MAC haul;

~Marine life highlighter/blush

~picked up a blot powder as well (oil control yeah!)

Estee lauder staff shop haul;

~Bobbi brown eyeshadow in Brown stone (possible MAC smoke and diamonds dupeeee!), MAC pink poodle lipglass, American beauty blush in apricot twist.

I also found a cute pair of studded tan booties at rubi shoes, last pair in my size (love it when that happens) for $15 so i got that :)
I still have not finished revenovating my room, it's clean but needs to be organized! so off i go :)


  1. The marine life highlighter/blush is so pretty :O!

    And you look beautiful as always :)

  2. that marine life highlighter is way too pretty, I wouldn´t even dare to use it lol. great buys though, as always. and you look beutiful!

  3. Great haul and adorable shoes! ♥

  4. Ahhhh Marine life highlighter is so pretty!! I'm tossing up whether or not to get it though. Decisions decisions!

  5. loooove the booots ! i love rubi shoes :)

  6. Totally forgot that MAC collection was coming out today. Marine Life is so pretty! I'd be hesitant to use it and ruin that pretty seahorse though!

  7. i LOVe you in a scarf.
    your face is so damn gorgeous.

  8. The Marine life highlighter is so pretty! I wouldn't want to dip my brush into it so i won't ruin the design. The dresses and shoes that you find are always so pretty! Makes me want to go on a dress shopping spree even more!

    I dont know about the states since I live in Canada, but I know you can return used items at MAC and Sephora. I haven't tried returning used items at drugstores or counters yet.

  9. oOOo.. I am so getting the marine life highlighter :) so gorgeous!


  10. Hello! Aww that's such a shame about the store not having recent collection stuff.. it's really hit or miss unfortunately!
    and haha i picked up marine life highlighter today as well!!!! and also one of the nail polishes. I don't want to use marine life though cos it's soo cute at the moment and I don't want to gold to go!

    - Stella

  11. @ Stella, i can't visit ur blog link so i shall reply here! :) hello lovely! ah yes i think i came at a bad time or it had been raided recently. ooh *hi5* bet it will look gorgeous on you! what nail polish did u pick up? :) is the formula good? as the last MAC polish i had was an epic fail unfortunately :(
    i know what u meant! my gold detail came off with the first use!

  12. Hey Cecilia, Thank you for dropping by my blog. I bought mine yesterday and the lady told me it was the last 2. Apparently it's selling like hot cakes. Glad you post about it, if not I wouldn't be bothered getting my bum bum out of the house and purchasing one myself. Yay!
    I might be going back to purchase the eye kohl (",)


  13. hey im new to your blog and im loving it.

    if your still interested in the volcanic exfoliator then this chick just started a blog sale today and she has it available for $20 USD and $4 postage.



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥