Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend baby ♥

Since high school ended, I've found it's a bit difficult to keep in contact with my friends and close mates. I can only manage to keep in really close regular contact with my best friends and super close buds from high school. I hadn't had the chance to see my bestfriend for a few weeks cos of uni exams and commitments but we finally caught up this weekend and had a great 2 days of bestfriend time! so it was great fun! :)

On saturday, she did my hair and she did a wonderful job at it! It was my first time having my hair curled properly and i'm definitely thinking about getting my own curling iron (i used to have one but i didnt know how to use it so i sold it). I now need to decide on the size of the barrel as i went my curls loose but not toooo loose.

(tereza is wearing ulta3 purple fusion or flamingo pink and i'm wearing Chanel rouge allure in passion)

We spent some time at my house getting ready together then we drove to maccasssss and parked in a car park munching on our very healthy dinner. We decided to check out the neverland club but we didn't like it as it's more of a place to go to drink and chill with your mates as opposed to dancing. The music wasn't hard enough for us and the DJ kept slowing down the mix, it was kinda lame, and for $25 entry- it was so not worth it. The venue is nice though and we had high hopes when we arrived :)
But the good thing is 1.5kms away in South Melbourne was another club; Marquee. So that's where we headed :) Had a great night as the club was pretty packed and good.

There were cute boys at Marquee which helps because every single club has perverts that you have to ignore and put up with if you want to dance. At least the perverts are not butt ugly is the best you're gonna get.
There was one super cute boy but he was rejecting girls and dancing with boys the whole night so it was safe to say, i think he is gay. damn it!
Overall was a really random fun night, both me and my bestie got to dance to amazing music! We don't drink when we go out either (well except for water!) so it was all adrenalin and fun that kept us going.
I do have a slight regret, there was this cute blond guy that hit on me but he was a bit of a goof cos he was like winking at me (which because of a previous stalker has put me off that move, majorly, so i like had disgust on my face) and every time i turned around he would be near me trying to dance with me or talk to me. As my bestie pointed out, it was cute and stalkerishly sweet. He didn't grope me though and i do give him props for the effort. I was singing to a song and he even tried for a duet although he got a death glare back and me grabbing my bestie to move away. I'm not the type to hook up at clubs or ditch my girlfriends so all i would have done was maybe dance a bit (unfortunately his friend was a spastic and i did not want my bestfriend subjected to any dancing or possible groping from the freak) I kinda wish i gave him more of a chance though. Not my type but, i think i need a new type when it comes to guys and i was just complaining to my bestie about being bored with my life so it definitely would have been interesting if i take more chances.

However i have a rant! Fellow Melbournians may relate, when driving on the west gate freeway, there is an exit to go to DFO south wharf and down kings way, it is F*CKED. They built it SO stupidly, we have missed the exit like 4 times now. There's a sign saying exit and then you go into the lane and you keep driving and suddenly there's STUPID cones splitting the road and no sign to tell you, there's this teeny lane which looks like the emergency lane which you have to be in to get out using the exit. Even though you're IN the EXIT, you can't get out because the other lane is secluded with stupid cones. You are then forced to drive one way all the way down off the freeway and further down the road and make an illegal u-turn because apparently in the city on nearly every single road, it's illegal to make a right turn/u-turn. **major rage**

On friday night, we went to eat and catch up with a few friends, one who is going away to Malta for 3 months! wish him the best :)
We were into the idea of bowling so we ate at Waterfront restaurant in crown first (exxy but so so so yum- their chocolate fondue is HEAVEN) and then went kingpin bowling, and discovered they take a photo of you eveytime you bowl. So everytime someone bowled, we jumped into the shot and made stupid faces and poses =p we ended up buying 5 photos and i will scan them soon :) hilarious!
Later on in the night, we went CQ but it was alright only especially since clubbing is not fun if you're with people you don't like and a few of friends' friends dropped by plussss CQ is never good when i go, but everyone loves it?

Didn't take pictures of the mains but they were DELISH! Tereza had lobster risotto and i had barramundi with mussels in some YUM sauce with veggies. One of the waiters there was a bit of a weirdo though, when we arrived he kept insisting he knew me from somewhere, um no sir, i've never seen you in my whole life, now will you stop hovering over my table when you're not even my waiter and meant to be serving someone else and let me eat in peace thanks.

Oh and while driving to highpoint (i picked up some Ulta3 lippies which shall be swatched and reviewed in my next post. $2-3 lippie if it's good then damn that's pretty good) we spotted a guy in a chicken suit haha!

and hello sammy! :)


  1. oh my god, you are so ridiculously goodlooking,
    and so is sammmyy.
    i LOVE your hair like that,
    and damn girl you look so hothothot in that dresss.<3

  2. Sounds like you had an amazinggg weekend :D
    That blue dress is gorgeous!

  3. Hehe I enjoyed reading this! Sounds like you had a super fun weekend :D
    I love Tereza's purpley lippie, I was wondering what it was! Im gonna go check it out tomorrow :)
    Andd you look so glam with curly hair! <3

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Your makeup looks lovely :)

  5. Seems like you had an awesome night! it must feel so good finally seeing your best friends from high school. the food looks so good too and girl your lucky to go to places that has stalkerishly sweet guys lol. you should have given the blonde guy a chance haha I cracked up when i saw you wrote he was even trying to duet when your singing. so cute haha

  6. oh you girls are just too pretty!! :D

  7. you both look very pretty! Love all the photos, especially the ones of Sammy. can´t wait to see the bowling pictures!

  8. I know I have said this before, but I love you and your best friend... YOU GIRLS ARE BOTH GORGEOUS! :D P.S I posted about my haul... it wasn't much though! And your food looks DELICIOUSSSS, makes me hungry...!

  9. Boo blogspot, it didn't post up your last comment. But I just got a sample of the MUFE foundation, so most definitely going to try it out and review!

    I had the same issue after hs ended, not being able to see my friends as much and losing contact with some close friends. But, the friends you do keep afterward, they are for life.

    And you and your bestie looked like you guys had so much fun!


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