Thursday, July 22, 2010

210 followers give away ♥

As promised, here is the give away i'm doing to celebrate & thank my 210 followers ♥
When i started this blog, i had no idea i'd receive so much support and it means a lot when i blog about something with no pictures or anything and people still read through my essay and give me advice or support. thanks guys.
Plus, having a place to share my love for style and beauty with like minded people has been great :)
So here is a thank-you back to everyone who takes time out to read my blog and comment. This give away is open to anywhere in world, all my international readers as well as aussie ones. Everything is brand new never used and purchased by me.
~Sleek i divine eyeshadow palette in The Original
~NYX false eyeslashes in EL 135
~Swarovski crystal earrings (genuine, purchased from hand made etsy store)
~Bloom nail polish in Charlotte
~Covergirl lashblast mascara in waterproof formula, black brown.
~Bloom liquid lipstick in Blossom
~Rimmel sweet jelly lipgloss in Sherbet
~4x BYS eyeshadows in an ELF palette (i chose the colors and customized for you)

How to enter the give away:
1. obviously this is a thank-you to my followers so you must be a follower of my blog to qualify.
2. for one entry, comment this post, telling me what makes you smile. (yay for smiles)
also leave your email so i can contact you if you win.
3. for extra entries- as i know many of you follow me off blogger as well, if you are also a subscriber on my youtube channel, leave your youtube username also and you will get an extra entry.
If you are a also a follower of mine on twitter, leave your twitter username and you will get an extra entry.
So if you are a follower on my blog, and my youtube and twitter- you will get 3 entries in total as a triple thanks lol :) ♥

I'll pick a winner randomly using on the 20th of August (a bit less than a month)
G'luck lovelies xx


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  2. please enter me :) what makes me smile is travelling/seeing my boyfriend again (sorry i couldnt decide!)

    thanks <3 xx

  3. I'm always flattered by his words (although sometimes it's too exaggerating) and it makes me smile all the time! =)


  4. when i get to eat sushi it makes me smile :) LOL

  5. This is a typical answer but my family and friends give me a reason to smile :)
    Your post made me smile also- cheers to you for being so dedicated to your followers. Much appreciated!
    ( lol sorry I forgot to attach my email in my previous comment)

  6. waking up every morning knowing I have a job to go to and loving family and friends. Most people aren't fortunate enough to have that.

    makeupbykimporter at gmail dot com

    Twitter: @makeupkimporter

  7. Hello,I am a new follower! What makes me smile,so many things.Simple things like a good hair day and big things like a present! I smile most often when someone tells me something funny or nice!

  8. I follow you on twitter@ meeyeehere

  9. random texts make me smile, it means someone's been thinking about you :)

    tezzapoo on youtube

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  11. Seeing my dog first thing when i wake up makes me smile.

    Twitter: xiaoqing_88

  12. Oh wow, this will give me a good chance to try Sleek i Divine and BYS I keep hearing about on blogs. Thank you for the giveaway!

    What makes me happy? Many things like the love for my doggie Tobey. :)

    E-mail: aly_4realz (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Twitter: AhleessaC

  13. Awww how sweet! My dog makes me smile :)

    BTW, I love love love your hair!~

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  14. congrats on your 210 followers.
    i am a follower of your blog.
    My baby girls silly words make me smile(laugh) all the time,she has started talking.
    username- ks sn

  15. 0o0o great giveaway hun!
    I would have say blogsales that have cheap MAC for sale they make me smile,as im sure you know how expensive MAC is here..
    Hope your well hun
    take care skye =D xo

  16. Enter me please!

    I'm a follower!

    I smile every morning when I see my SMILEY FACE birthmark on my neck while putting on makeup!

    I'm also a YT follower (BubbleYum221). *I don't think it'll show up just yet since my school computer system won't let us access YT!


    <33 Rena

  17. My best friend makes me smile every single day :) xx

  18. What makes me smile is NICE old people. LOL i know kinda weird but it makes me happy for some reason.

    Aussie follower woot woot <3

  19. Would love to be entered!
    The things that make me smile the most are my friends and family, cheesy yes, but its the truth!

    I follow both your blog and youtube too (mikaelaarox)



  20. Enter me!
    Things that make me smile are recieing surprise gifts,chihuahuas and my bf being weird =)

    Im following your blog and YT(evenangelsfalter)


  21. What makes me smile....when i look into my bank account on pay day!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO


    PS watch your youtube videos and think you know what you are talking about... keep making heaps of videos...

  22. lots of things make me smile! the end of school on a friday afternoon, spending time with my friends, sharing a joke, finding awesome clothes on sale :)

  23. My Boyfriend :)

  24. Drummers of boy bands make me smile :)


    Something that makes me smile is when I find that I get a good result after all my hard work and effort making it all worthwhile.


    Twitter: jooolz23

    Youtube: jooolayy

  26. i smile when i think of the times i laughed randomly and uncontrollably with my friends :)

    youtube: teeemeister

  27. Please put me in ;) I'm a follower.. and I am following your twitter! My username is dictashion AHAHA

    my email

    What makes me smile? When people achieve what they thought they couldn't.

  28. What makes me smile?
    When people I love smile and makes me happy :)

    Love your videos and blogs :D keep it up


  29. you make me smile! but don't enter me in haha :)

  30. Being constantly surrounded by people by love and care for me makes me happy!

  31. Great idea hun, I would love to be entered! The one thing in the whole world that is 100% guaranteed to make me smile is my boyfriend <3

    Haha I'm not usually the mushy type, but its the very first thing I thought of when I read your question.

    If I get lucky you can contact me through my own blog, or of course through Vogue PM.


  32. Aww yay giveaway! :D

    SHOPPING makes me smile! Its called retail therapy for a reason haha!

    (Not gonna leave my email addy cos u know how to contact me anyway :P )

  33. What makes me happy is when I am finally able to be reunited with my ALL my closest friends. It is so rare for us to be together, uni keeps us busy and there always seems to be someone missing at our outings and it just doesn't feel the same. When I realise how much I miss M's lame jokes, A's tardiness, D's motherly love, R's twisted humour and E's cynicism...I smile.

    I was a bit shocked when I heard Cooler than me by Posner but love it already. This is the second time I'm listening to it whilst writing this comment :)


  34. What makes me smile is knowing that I have a whole day of doing nothing. I can do what I please without having to restrict myself to meetings, plans or work.

    EMAIL: rantsfromme at gmail dot com

  35. hey cecilia, congratulations for getting 210+ blog followers :) you go girl!

    and of course, i am one of those followers ^^

    so much makes me smile. people just being genuinely nice and thoughtful really puts a smile on my face and also when someone shows that they care

    name: jennifer

    i am subscribed to your youtube channel under the username: jenrawr22

    i also follow you on twitter: @jly_

    love how you're an aussie online blogger and youtube guru xx

  36. Well done, definetly deserve all the followers you have and will no doubt continue to get.

    What makes me smile....

    My dog when he has woken up and turns to me and gives me a big cheerful grin. Or when he's being cheeky (and he knows it!).

    I also follow you on twitter (username: AniMay) and am a subscriber on YT (again username is AniMay).

    Good Luck hun.


  37. Putting a smile on people's faces especially my loved ones. OH! It gives me so much joy. Hope i win and good luck to everyone.

    I am stergmatic on youtube
    My email addy:

    Thanks for doing a giveaway

  38. Hi lovely! Congrats on your 200+ followers :)

    1) I'm a follower of your blog under 'Joanne'. My email is:
    2) What makes me smile: seeing people do good deeds for strangers, or doing a good deed myself for other people.
    3) I've subscribed to your YouTube channel under 'joanne0391'.
    4) I follow you on Twitter under 'jxcouture'.

    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  39. Congrats on the followers!
    My family and friends make me happy :)
    I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect. I am now also suscribed to your Youtube channel (Username: joybellebelle) and am following you on Twitter (Username: dearjoy).

  40. Oh wow! This is such a genorous giveaway! I really like the look of the sleek eyeshadow palette (shattered that they're not sold in Australia)! So, I think I'll just try my luck ;)

    1. I am a follower.
    2. Bubbly people make me smile.
    My e-mail address is
    3. I'm a youtube "follower"--cosimjustagirl


  41. Hi Cecilia,

    I love your blog and thanks for the great giveaway.

    What makes me smile? Giggly, happy people and shopping!

    I am a follower of your blog (

    I am a follower on Youtube - nightlace

    I am a follower on Twitter - chocolatelace


  42. knowing that i have just become a young aunt makes me smile

    youtube = hkcandy1
    twitter = emilyisboo
    emial is =

  43. hayooo. i would love to be entered please.

    things that make me smile are things that are pink, ysl cosmetics, bargain finds, food, bubble tea, good movies, dancing like an idiot in my underwear while im getting ready and when its warm enough to wear a tshirt but not so hot that the air is sticky.

    i follow you, i am about to subscribe to your youtube and i apologize but i dont have twitter =p

    2 entries for me please.

    it was my birthday last week, can ya rig the competition so i win ;)? hahaha. jk jk.

  44. Hey Cecilia!
    Congrats on the followers!

    I follow you via GFC: 'chelle.
    Nail polish makes me smile! Amongst other just as nice things lol.
    My email address is cosmeticcupcake[at]gmail[dot[com.

    I also posted about your giveaway in my giveaway sidebar on my blog:

    Thanks hun!

  45. My family, vintage statement acessories and MangoMagic boost makes me super happy! :D
    I follow you on twitter and youtube! Both usernames: MangoMagicGirl haha

    Thankyou for this awesome giveaway! Goodluck everyone <3

  46. Hey babe! Fab blog you have! =)

    Anyway what makes me smile all the time is a nice home cooked breakfast from my darling boyfriend! =)

    twitter: arethaseraph

  47. Kids always make me smile! They are so cute!

    Anyway i followed you through blogger, twitter as well as youtube^^

    twitter :: yaya1101
    youtube:: imyaya1101

    hope i can win this!thank you^^

  48. hey
    i'm follower
    a thing that always makes me smile is when i get up in the morning and open the eyes and see the sun shining :]
    my email adress is
    i subscribed at your youtube channel. my id is maryya0


  49. one thing that make me smile is my daughter... she the joy of my life...

    Youtube: heavenlynz

  50. Hi :)
    What makes me smile is chocolate :)
    I follow you on twitter as The_Red_Ribbon.
    My email is

  51. Hi cecilia

    I'm a follower throught GCF : adeline legrand
    i'm your 237th follower !!

    one thing that make me smile is my kitty: filou who always makes stupidity cause it knows that I excuse him so much it's irresistible

  52. 1. i am a follower (Cris on GFC) +1
    2. What makes me smile? The Tv show Friends :P, my boyfriend and puppies always make me smile
    my email: neith4u (at) yahoo (dot) com
    3. I am a subscriber on youtube; my username is cristinappv

  53. What makes me smile? Cute doggies! They're so irresistible.. I simply HAVE to pat them and scratch their ears.

    Email :

    P.S. Not sure if I still qualify since it just turned 20th of August here lol

  54. a lot of things make me smile. my loved ones, my music, my cat, cookies, a good book or movie, new clothes, a beautiful sky, a lovely song, making someone laugh, helping someone. =]

    Twitter: drmubpepper
    YouTube: Cyene

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  56. To be beside my boyfriend makes me smile!

    follower via GFC: Sidinéia


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥