Sunday, July 4, 2010

another piece.

I'm so sick of being sick. My sore throat is getting better but guess what? I now have a horrible running nose and keep sneezing, thanks immune system. I also have just started at my new job and i'm struggling as my body just wants to rest and my head feels congested. I'm having a great time and enjoying it but it involves team work and talking and did i mention, a lot of talking? My throat is not happy and my stuffy nose makes talking and breathing at the same time, a bit difficult.
I have tried to keep things pretty simple this week due to being sick, I went to pick up my own babyliss curling iron with my bestie on thursday. We also went shoe shopping because she was on the search for a hot pair of heels to match a dress she was wearing to a close friend's wedding. The shoes this season do not match elegant light pink dresses well let's just say! But alas, perfect heels were found. I spotted this amazing canvas of paris (well actually 2-one of paris landscape and other of new york city- but could only buy one) and i wasn't sure if i could make it work for my room but i could picture it in my head and so i put it on hold. On friday after work i met up with my best guy mate cos we wanted to watch Toy story 3 (which is amazing btw) and i came a bit early so i picked it up! I was like heck, it's the last one i'm going to regret it if i don't. So glad i did :) even if i had to hold it around for the rest of the night!

here is where it is hanging;
I love it!

Talking about Toy story 3, I went to watch it again tonight with my little brother as he's had a rough few weeks lately (i've been a really mean and strict sister) and i knew he'd love it. So have now officially seen it in 3D 2 times. (still love it ♥ dunno if i can handle a 3rd in a row though)

I have also been neglecting Sammy a bit due to my sickness (damn you sickness you wreck everything) and i'm too ill to take him for walks every day and on top of work, i just don't have the time. I do try to cuddle him and play with him though as he's playful and likes being held.

I do hope i recover soon, preferably i hope i can actually breathe properly by monday!
There is a cute blue eyed english boy that i work with & have made friends with- updates soon :)


  1. Get better soon Cecilia!! :)

  2. hope you get better soon! aaaww Sammy is so cute ^^

  3. aw damn! hope you get well so we can go on another adventure :) miss you. and what an AWESOME PICTURE! GAHH

  4. I hope you get better soon :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon, and I adored Toy Story 3!

  6. You look so pretty in your pics with Sammy :) hope you get well soon! Lovely piece of Paris hanging in your room there, good choice! <3

  7. oh love im sorry to hear that :( I hope you'll get better real soon, I'll pray for you :D

  8. Aww,hope you get better soon! Remember, lots of fluids and as much rest as possible! And Toy Story 3 ftw! I almost started crying at the end, lol. The canvas is so pretty! Also love the decal on your wall.

    I havent tried that foundation before, does it give you a more dewy finish?

  9. i cant tell you how much i love your dark hair.
    its ammmazzinngg on you.
    you look so gorgeous.
    esp with sammmyy.<333

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  11. the painting is lovely
    and your wall is too cute
    hope you get well soon

    have a great day
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