Wednesday, July 7, 2010

daydreamer ♥

Hello lovelies :) Okay so i have some news. I got a new job last week in promotions/advertising. However i did some training for it and did some actual work yesterday. I realize it was a lot of over the phone promotion/advertising (aka the annoying shit- telemarketing) and it was just not for me. You know that you're in the wrong job when you dread waking up for it- not just the oh no not work again dread but the i want to kill myself if i have to sit through this job.
So i quit today, I'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen. I called up and talked to my manager and I did it today because i didnt want to drag it on further and make things more complicated to quit later on. Technically, I haven't "started" the job. I had a 2 hr period where i was doing what i would do in the job...and I hated it. I did get a customer in that period and i think that is why he didn't want me to quit and tried to convince me to stay. I know what i want though, and i need a job where i'm doing something practical not sitting at a desk with a headset. I also did not like the idea of having to manipulate someone, especially when i was not passionate about what i was selling or my job. The only thing i'm worried about is that i signed a contract and was told if i were to leave in the first 4 weeks i would have to pay a fee of $250. However i quit at the end of training, so i don't know if it applies. I tried to ask the manager about it but he kept convincing me to stay so i just got off the phone. I'm still contemplating whether to call up and ask or just leave it, I've been advise to leave it because if i bring it up, they might try and manipulate me and get the money from me even though i don't even think they're gonna pay me for the week's training i did.
BLAH. back to job searching, but at least i feel much happier. I was so cranky when i was working and it was 5 days a week of something i hated.
To celebrate, i took it easy today. Rested, as i'm still very sick (runny nose-flem blah). I then did an eyeshadow look which, i have not done for ages!

~Urban decay primer potion as base. MAC naked lunch on inner lid, Barry M bronze dazzle dust on mid to outer lid. Wearing Barry M palest lavender lip paint no. 129 sheered out with vaseline.

Also i have been watching 'The Bachelorette';
I want Ali to end up with Roberto because they would last i think.
But Kirk is also very yummy.
(L-R, Roberto & Kirk)

Taking my puppy Sammy to get de-sexed tomorrow- i hope it doesn't hurt him too much :( And possibly drop by the doctor's to cure my seemingly never ending cold!


  1. love your hair! too bad the job didn't work out for you..i know what you mean though..i also experienced the same thing when i applied for a CSR job and then i started to just play around and get wasn't for me..but i'm pretty content with my job right now..i hope you find yours too :) good luck!

  2. I´ve done a job like that for two weeks when I was like 16, and I hated it! Totally get what you mean by not wanting to manipulate anybody especially when you don´t even like the product yourself. Hope you feel better soon, and hope Sammy will feel better soon after that as well!

  3. oh yikes, I hate that kind of job.
    I would rather love working for a make up stall or boutique than doing those kinds of things
    I just suck at Marketing. So I think it's a good idea that you quit and start looking for something you really like :D
    You and Sammy take good care <3

  4. too bad your new job didn't work for you.....though I agree with you...if I'm not happy with it why waste my the way love your eotd....get well...


  6. Good thing you quit! It sounded like a soul sucking job. Lol.

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  8. uhh to the comment above ^ maybe cos we are uni students and dont have time to do 50 separate jobs?

    anyway, im glad you quit if you feel it was best for you. i try to steer clear of those kinda telemarketing jobs cos lets face it - no one loves telemarketers :P
    good luck with job searching though...why dont u apply at a chemist or something like that? surrounded by beauty products all dayy :D

  9. helloooooo

    ew telemarketing. what a pain. adventuring soon yes?

  10. Boo that sucks about the job! Sounds like dodgy promo to me. Grr. I nearly did one for an insulation company lol. And it's so dodgy they're going to charge you to leave.

  11. :/ That was quick.
    But yes! Better to be doing something you enjoy than slowly spiral into madness.
    Haha oh and I talked to Annie and yep we're going to Preston sooner or later :D

  12. Never work in a job you despise - agreed! I'm pretty sure you can find work elsewhere as well. Ever considered retail/fashion stores? Your fashion style would guarantee you the job straight away ;)

  13. i want to kidnap roberto, take him home and feed him oysters
    reow baby
    jesse's face, roberto's personality
    perfect much?
    im such a dreamer :(

  14. screw them, dont bring the $250 up.

    if they ever do try and weasel that money out of you, tell them you will get your lawyer involved because every job has an out clause.

    you, pay them? HAHAHAHAHA. yeah, pull the old 'see you in court buddy' line. it's worked for me in the past.

    I HATE TELEMARKETINGGGGGGG in any form! i would have quit too. i dont like having to pressure people into something they dont want or need etc.

    it's just a really negative job.

    in my opinion? jump on all the retail sites like cotton on, sportsgirl, bardot etc. it's mid year, even try myer, everyone seems to be hiring.

    even have a winter clean out of your stuff on ebay, blog sale etc..

  15. don't worry about the job situation too much. in the end you did what was best for YOU and thats what matters :) good luck on the new job search.
    your face is gorgeous <3

  16. Wow I love you with the curly hair! I have been so busy with work that I haven't been able to catch up with Krissy or you. I would love to catch up again one day!

    When you are looking for jobs, it can be a bit annoying because you can never know how the job will turn out. When I was 20 and applied to be a waitress, I had no idea that I had to put on a sash and walk around handing out vouchers to the restaurant!

    It is a bit worrying about the $250. Will you be able to stay for 4 weeks then?

    I can never do telemarketing due to what you said (trying to push merchandise onto someone) as well.

    Hopefully everything will turn out okay for you!

    *PS, I am looking into getting a puppy. Will ask you how much desexing is on FB!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥