Friday, July 23, 2010

lalalala ♥

Hello all ♥ i'm re-doing my last post (kinda) as i think it was a bit rushed and not organized enough (my my, i am fussy aren't i) I had a really awesome day catching up with a good friend who i haven't seen for a while and it was super fun just walking around the city, overdosing on coffee, walking way too much and shopping with Louise!
Also discovered how addictive caramel macchiatos are!

^omg it's an angry piece of poooooo!!!

I also had a strawberrynet order arrive this week full of goodies i have wanted for ages- funded by me selling one of my leather bags on ebay.

Dior amber diamond highlighter, Chanel soleil tan de chanel bronze universel, YSL golden gloss in no. 5.

And i also picked up 3 Inglot lip duos. I really like them, one side is a creamy lip paint and the other a gloss. These were on sale for $7. And of course, i didn't buy just one, but three!

Inglot lip duos in number 23, 24 & 20.

a few highlights from the past week including shopping trips to frankston, southland, DFO, chapel street and clubbing + all nighters and yummy pizza and free movie premiers and eating yummy kebabs :) woo

Also have 3 new nail polishes i look forward to trying- my nails are in need of a re-paint bad! i'll be rocking the minty essie one :)
OPI ate berries in the canaries, Essie mint candy apple, Essie watermelon.


  1. i love your hair :) its so black..haha wish mine was black :) i've been wanting to curl for ages but then i've been really good avoiding heat application to my hair these days

  2. Great post as always girlie! I love seeing photos of you and your friends. always so pretty! let us know how the products work out for you :) love the angry piece of poo hahahaha its so cute!

  3. Absolutely loving your purchases!!! I love that jacket - where did you get it from?

  4. The lip duos seem promising! Love inglot sale goodies :P


    next time we'll sit right by the exit lest we be massacred by a terrorist.

  6. look at you and your fancy, amazing makeup.
    you look so HOTTTT. <3

  7. you are major hottie!!! the photos are super cute! im glad u had fun while shopping and nice haul.. but the angry poo is scary o.o

  8. I absolutely NEED that Dior amber lights highlighter! Jealous!

  9. I love that last photo of you! So gorgeous and artsy :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥