Saturday, August 14, 2010

hello hiatus

hey everyone ♥
i will be away from blogging for a while as i've started uni again and this semester it's all design units (i'm doing double bach degree in both business & communications) and that means i have a few folios to complete and well, not enough time on my hands and will be super busy.
i'm also at a new campus and I LOVE IT
for many reasons, a few being;
1. it's so much closer and like max 10 mins from melb cbd
2. everyone is so friendly there and super hot as well lol ;)
3. my units are really interesting

me and my uni bud ellen have had a blast with our first week and found all these amazing cheap places to eat on the main road. pretty cool!

today i went on a photoshoot outing for uni with my partner for the first project, who i got to know a bit better and is super nice.

i also had an outing last weekend which was nice and i got to catch up with my good friend louise and also go for coffee in the week as my uni is close to where she works sometimes during the week. mmmm caramel macchiatos

and have been hanging out with my awesome bestie, C* and also had a nice talk and stuff with my bestie T*

talking about coffee..i am becoming an addict, thanks early mornings and long days! i have to have at least one cappuccino a day. it's so bad..but so yum!

Also celebrated my lil brother's confirmation with close family and friends, was a lovely night.

going out for a very close friend's 19th tonight and a good mate's 19th later in the night. will be a blast :) need a quick nap though

and also, have a possible new job as a secretary, fingers crossed :)
will be posting again to announce the winner for my blog give away in about a week, have u entered? if not click here baby;

toodles lovely!


  1. ngaw ill miss you!! good luck with school babe!! and i hope you have a blast there in your new uni!<3

  2. my sister's confirmation is in a few months :)

    hope you feel better about the new uni now that you don't have to travel too much to get there every day! sounds great.

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  4. looks like you're having fun! wish you could've gone upstairs, nat got us in for free! but if you're tired, you're tired i guess.

    next time i'm gonna try to stick to a super small party... JUST ME AND YOU. and maybe tereza if she promises not to rape me.


  6. Random stranger passing by.

    Good luck with uni! I hoep you'll have a blast! :)

  7. Good luck with your new job! :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥