Saturday, August 28, 2010

hello world ♥

Tomorrow is Ricky's birthday, and my mum is cooking a small feast to celebrate it tonight. She's currently running around trying to pick up my lil bro and then get Ricky a cake and then start cooking. Should be a good night. I also cleaned my room so i feel all refresheeedddd and stuff :)

~Urban decay primer potion as base, MAC retrospeck on inner lid, MAC in living pink on mid to outer lid, MAC tempting in crease & outer v. Wearing chanel rouge allure in exquise on lips.

What i wore;
cardigan: vintage
top: valleygirl (from years ago)
shorts: forever 21

**edit; i had to stop typing and have just resumed now after i have been fed and all full and happy :) it was a really good night. My good friend Lory who is Ricky's daughter, came over and we all had dinner and just talked and celebrated. I'm feeling all sleepy now though. Overdosed on hot pot (asian cuisine, google it) and spring rolls. yum!

and now for some major photowhoring cos it's what i do =p

I think i'll head off to bed and have an early a movie maybe? :) i was suggested to watch 'momento' another movie by the same guy that directed inception. hope it's good? apparently it plays around with your head.

oh also, i got a new phone (stolen phone dilemma has been put in the not really, if i find that bitch i'll punch her)
i got the sony ericsson xperia x10, wanted white but got it in black. love it.



  1. you changed your part to the side again :)
    love the shorts from f21!

  2. I love your eyeshadow!
    Lovely neutral colours <3

    Super cute outfit too :D!

  3. your hair is so long! looking lovely as always! x

  4. hello gorgeous girl,
    please come do my makeup.<3

  5. omg cecilia you have officially set off a lemming for asian food. lets go get some :D :D
    looking gorgeous in your photos <3

  6. you look lovely in all the photos :) I see you're wearing your side part again.

  7. You just get prettier and prettier in every photo!
    Hot pot is the best omg, craaaave! Amazing for those cold winter nights!
    - S

  8. your hair is so long and so black. i love it and hate it at the same time! mine's naturally brown and my family and bf don't want me to dye it black..they say it would look really off on me..

  9. your eye makeup is so pretty! love your blog too. :)

  10. @ s; aw you're too sweet lovely! <3
    i am still awaiting the day you get a blog, i will be ur most dedicated follower haha! :)
    and yes hot pot is great on cold nights!!



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥