Tuesday, August 3, 2010

road trip baby

Yesterday me and the bestie T* drove up to ballarat for a road trip and to visit the ballarat wild life park! Was such an awesome day. We also went to the ballarat botanical gardens and it is seriously beautiful there..
I got to pat and feed the kangaroos so i was a happy chappy! :)
I also held a snake with my bestie and i was freaked out/bit nervous at first but once its head was away from my face it was all good. The koalas i have to say are the cutest things ever..!
We also stopped by an op shop there and i got some great finds- the most expensive being $2.50! it's like amazing compared to melbourne's op shops/vintage stores which prices are like $10-$50 a piece.
I've also changed my hair part from side to middle part- It was initially a way to keep my fringe which im tryna grow out, out of my face but i've been told it suits me more than my side part so i'm keeping it for a while.


  1. oh how cute photos with the animals! I would love to hold a snake! aawww those are so cute ^^

  2. oooh babe!! i love your hair like that!! you girls are super gorgeous! and I love what you are wearing to bits!

  3. Hey!! I really love your hair in this post, can you do a tutorial for your hairstyle on youtube ;D I also want to change my side bangs to middle but I think I should grow out my bangs first

  4. I'm growing my side fringe out too, center part! Golly it's been YEARS since iv'e seen it! haha.

  5. DUDE PRESTON!! and i miss you (shit, have to say something to make in less gay.....) you uh....bitch. yeah.

    i'm going.

  6. Hey girly, I love your hair!

    What size is your curling iron? I can't decide between a 32cm (1.25inch) or 38cm(1.5inch) one?


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥