Thursday, September 2, 2010

hello spring fringe ♥

hello lovelies ♥
so yay winter is finally over in Australia and nice spring weather is hopefully coming up. what does this mean? well, first off all- dresses without leggings and stockings, hello legs! and also shorts, skirts and playsuits woohoo!
I also got my fringe cut by my mum, which some of you may already know, is a hair dresser/beauty lady. I thought i could grow out my fringe since im 18 and all this year, you know do the sophisticated simple long hair thing but it bores me oh so much, and i hated that the only way i could keep my longgggg 'growing out' fringe out of my eyes was by using a clip or having a middle part (which i enjoy once in a while but is not really 'me')
I think having a fringe suits me, and like i can keep my side part but you can also still see both my eyes and half my face hasn't disappeared.

me and my mum went night time shopping tonight and we popped by portmans cos my mum is shop obsessed with them.

However a lot of their fashion is very 'young' and stuff now, which means ive found things i liked a lot but she was like :( because it was too young and not sophisticated-businessy enough for her.

loves her! :)

I was only there to make her happy and wait for her to try on stuff but i found 2 good finds for myself :) one which i saw a few months ago and loved (but did not love the price tag therefore walked away) but now it's on sale!

purple floral skirt $89.95 down to $19.95 (bargain!!!) this was the item i loved when i saw it when it first came out

lilac knit cardigan $79.95 down to $25

I have heaps of uni work due this coming week so i don't see me doing anything except work my arse off on folio work and essays this weekend :( although i hope i can pop by a friend's birthday party and catch up with a few good friends plus my bestie. wish me luck ♥


  1. Loooove the fringe! looks gorgeous!
    haha im in the same boat when it comes to uni work! :( goodluck with it!! xxx

  2. :O! Great finds :D!
    I'm awful at finding bargins :(

    I like your finge like this :)!

  3. awww...I miss shopping with my mom....

    and I like the fringe...

    and don't we all love after season bargains...

  4. The fringe looks great! And what awesome deals you found! You are gearing up for summer and I'm getting ready to gear up for fall/winter!

    Good luck with your projects! Don't stress yourself out!

  5. new fringe is refreshing! I love your makeup in the puctures. You and your mom are too cute! hehe and adorable purple dress. I have been buying floral skirks too I love how they could be dressed up or down!

  6. that skirt is so pretty!
    purple is love <3

  7. yesss! i seriously feel like all i wanna do now is focus on uni and stay at home. i HAVE to pass by the city on the way home from school and on some days of the week i just see everyone swarming everywhere and it kinda gets irritating but mehhhhh.
    i guess i'll just have to hold out til i get my p's/a car.

    but yes yes yes to dresses with no stockings and only wearing cardigans for when it's cold! no more bulky coats which i don't mind but i've missed warm weather so much. bring on le sunshine~~~

  8. ooo pretty skirt!! i like :) oh and do you have a canon s90? :o

  9. I'm so glad its finally spring in the Southern hemisphere (I'm from South Africa!) I love your fringe looks fantastic! I also love your lipstick in the first pic! Beautiful!

  10. uggh love love love your awesome hair! you look like tifa from final fantasy advent children, sooo pretty yes you are :>


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥