Friday, October 1, 2010

tongue piercing ♥

hello all! yes i have gotten my tongue pierced, and i LOVE it! i can't wait till it fully heals and i can change the barbell, i'm gonna have so much fun with it :)
i like it because it's fun but i can hide it if im in a business/professional environment. it didnt hurt when i got it at all, but it did a teeny bit after. i've had minimal swelling and it's day 2 today and i already can eat normal food again.
I had it done at around 3pm on thursday with my uni bestfriend ellen ♥ who held my hand (and nearly made me burst out laughing mid having a huge needle stuck in my tongue, damn you!!!) and she also got her lip done. we took pathetically long to eat our ice-cream after (mint choc from nz natural yummay!) and her older sis who is pretty awesome drove us and freaked out watching the piercings being done.

I won't be blogging on blogger for a while, as i've gotten into tumblr and also with uni, friends and life; i just don't have time to play around with make-up or take pictures of clothes. I'm curbing my spending and have not been buying new clothes or make up lately. I've also joined a gym this week and have gone twice. I can already see the difference so i'm happy :) but my body seriously aches coz i did too much the first session *dying*

I'll most likely randomly start blogging in the future again sometime but i'll leave you with a nice pic of me and my bestfriend from last week. these club taken photos never turn out nice but this one did so yay
take care lovelies & bring on summer for everyone in australia! ♥


  1. Looks awesome!! :) and love that pic of u! gorgeous! wooooo can't wait for summer eitha! :) x

  2. Aww miss your posts!! Come back soon! xx
    P.s. great piercing!!

  3. oh wow! babe that's super edgy! edgy and classy at the same time! maaw tell me your tumblr so I can follow you there :<

  4. you're crazyyyy!! I can't believe you got your tongue pierced! but I am so happy to see people do brave things hahaa I am so proud of you, Cecilia! Please don't just leave us here entirely.. come back once in awhile PLEASEEE

  5. I had my tongue done like 7 months ago but mine hurt reallly bad ._. especially when they put the barbell in :( and it took 2 weeks to heal! it was a bitch cos i had to hide it too! haha looks good :)

  6. I've had my tongue and lip pierced too... but I've been told not to eat ice cream (or anything containing milk) the days following the piercing... but of course I eated ice cream anyway LOL! And it swollen like crazy xD

  7. you go girl.,
    that is so amazing.
    i love it on you, you hotttie.<3


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥