Thursday, November 25, 2010

horse shoe ♥

so i have not been blogging so most of you will not know that ive had my lip piercing for over a month now but havent changed it from the original stud permanently till today (woohoo). this is because i changed it too early at 2 weeks and stuffed it up, i was told to wait 3 weeks as it was still healing but i didnt listen :p anyway it's finally re-healed and it felt right so i changed it last night. yuussss it has healed enough and it's all good :) i also bought a smaller crystal stud, the ring that goes over the lip pluss other stuff i can change it to eventually but i quite like the horse shoe.

hullo sailor :) haha

i also went shopping with my bestfriend today, but before that, i went to get waxed for summer. OMG one of the most painful experiences in my life. i will leave it at that.
picked up quite a few nice things for summer so quite fun. my bestie did a bit of xmas shopping so her bank acc is in pain. had an oporto burger today for lunch though and it was delicious, i wasnt going to coz of my changed lip piercing jewelry but in the end i was like eff it, i want a burger.

i've had quite a good week, i worked the last two days so today was a nice sleep in/break. i saw the boy tuesday night coz he picked me up from work and we drove to the beach. was a really fun night just lying on the beach talking and getting ice-cream, holding hands and going for a stroll ♥


  1. awwww @ the last paragraph!! :)
    and your new lip ring looks sexyyy :D

  2. oh, look at me all gushy when I read about you and mr. lucky guy <3 and your piercing is awesome, so fierce and bad ass on a classy girl like you <3 perfect!

  3. You are rocking your new lip ring. It makes me want to get the top of my ear re pierced. And you and your boy is too cute!

    that is quite the bipolar weather, although, it is snowing today =_=


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥