Sunday, November 21, 2010

it's been so long ♥

hello lovelies, it's been nearly a month since my last post!
a lot of stuff has been happening and i've been super duper busy.
in regards to my blog, i think i will be back this summer but instead of just a beauty blog, it's going to be more about fashion & life. i'll still do occasional beauty bits etccc. but don't expect to see as much shopping/beauty as before as;
1. im saving for travel
2. i don't like make up that much anymore (don't hurt me!)
3. i shop once in a while now

i've finished uni now so hooray bring on the summer! i have to say, i was dying during my last week of uni as i had so much work i had not done. i'm a design student so i had two major folios to hand in for my studio classes, of which i left 13 weeks of work till the very last week. lots of crying, no sleep and a few days later, it was all done and handed in.

although even during that last week i still went beach with my bestfriend and participated in non study activities :p was totes worth it though :)

after i handed in my folios, me and my uni bestfriend celebrated by toasting on the beach and eating on pizza. was a very funny arvo actually and a few inappropriate for blogging experiences occurred :p im actually missing uni heaps (mostly because i didnt actually attend my classes most of the time) but it was lots of fun! ♥

on thursday night i went out for a bestfriend's bestfriend's birthday, bday girl booked out a hotel room and was kind enough to let me and my friends crash there. was quite a fun night :) although major lack of sleep.

Also that boy i blogged about in my last post briefly, ive been seeing him for the last 3 weeks and after a few fun dates, lots of texting and talking, we decided to start a relationship last night. his name is Justin and you guys might be seeing more of him in future posts. it's kinda funny because when i met him i was adamant on having an open relationship/not wanting a boyfriend. i still have a few commitment issues but i really like him so we'll see where it goes :)
he's a bit of a dork but i like guys that are a bit quirky and sweet :) and he's different from other dorks because he's confident and can have a joke with me (unlike most 'dorks' who are insecure) he also knows when he needs to be the man, plus he talks a lot and i talk a lot so it kinda just falls together :p and there's that butterflies chemistry feeling he gives me


  1. will restrain from expressing the amount of cuteness you guys exhert. hope you enjoyed the movie though! he was super nice i think, he didn't ramble on that much and if he did i didn't mind it haha

  2. aww my gosh babe, super great to hear from you! you look great!!! and you know, whatever you'll be posting here, I'd still be reading xDD you piercings are so badass! and wink wink, lovin the last photoo~~

  3. Good to see you have blogged! And I'm jealous of you being able to wear tank tops right now -- it's around -2 where I am right now.

    And the beach celebration looks absolutely fantastic!

    And you are your guy is too cute for words!

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  5. you look so gorgeous in all your photos!! xxx


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥