Friday, November 26, 2010

jewelry loot + catch up ♥

hello lovelies!
i caught up with my dear friend krissy today who i hadn't seen for ages!
was a really fun day, we just ate at a nice restaurant and dnm'd and then did a bit of shopping. we both had shoe troubles, damn you nice shoes! first my sandals kinda fell apart and i had to go buy thongs to switch, then her ballet flats became super slippery to walk with and we both nearly stacked it. thanks unreliable footwear! :p

i picked up a fair bit of jewelry loot ♥
all cheap bargains! the most i paid for one thing was 6 bucks. woohoo :)
im trying to get back into posting about style/fashion/beauty so here's some photos of my haul :)
the boy whose quite sweet is driving me tomorrow to a different store to pick up a ring that sold out in my size at the store i went to today. he shall be repaid in hugs and kisses 8)

i've also picked up a few items for summer but instead of taking pictures of them, i'll try my best to do outfits of the day :)
have a good weekend loves!


  1. oh you two are gorgeous! and those are awesome jewelries, I loove the ribbon ring best <3 and nice to hear that mr lucky guy is treating his lady love goody goody!

  2. Yep the ribbon ring is definitely a winner, you make me feel like going to Colette with my non-existent money. I think I'll be seeing you tomorrow at Annie's gig(?) :D

  3. aww how sweet of him :) lucky u!
    sooo cheap tooo! :D


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥