Sunday, January 31, 2010

surprise surprise

hello everyone! thank-you for all the lovely comments lately.
I have a bit of a weird story to tell today, i had work today and i worked with a co-worker who i always thought had a thing for me but figured maybe it was just his personality. And plus, he like hits on everyone so i never paid much attention to it.
However lately he's i guess, been paying more attention to me, but again, probably not a big deal since we are mates. Today he asked me to go to a festival with him after work and i agreed (then i realised i promised my mum i'd go to church with her and be home for dinner woops) and i asked my other co-worker whether she was coming to the festival too and she said he told her he likes me. I was like, no way, you're pulling my leg right? and she's like no i'm serious, he said he's attracted to you. So it got quite awkward after that because i knew if i went, he would think it was date or i just did not want to give him the wrong idea. however during my shift he came up to chat to me a lot and he is a very nice and sweet guy if not slightly weird and creepy lol.
But i didn't want to do it out of feeling like i had to or pity.
Not mention, i didn't wanna be a "hook up" get me?
So i had to come up with an excuse, i couldn't say i was busy cos he asked me what i was doing after work and me, thinking it was just casual chat, said nothing i'm going home. so i ended up saying i was reallllyyy tired. I went safeway after work, came out and i was sitting there reading my novel and munching on tiny teddies when he came out of nowhere like hi! lol, had a good chat though and he was all 'are u sure you'll be okay i'll just stay a bit more' I felt pretty bad about not going to the festival with him but i don't wanna give him the wrong idea. He's not really my type. 'nuff said, plus he's like in his early twenties which is way too old for me. It did get a bit awkward when he found an opportunity during a joke and asked me if i thought he was cute, i kinda cringed and said do i really have to answer? and he's like YOU DON'T FIND ME CUTE!!!!!! and i couldn't say anything cos it was true :S ah well, i really hope he finds the right girl for him cos i'm sure she's out there! but she's just not me.

okay so i'm way too lazy to actually take pictures and i've already worn a few items so they're in the laundry but here are pics (online) of the items i bought from my last forever 21 group order:
note for sizing comparison: all the clothing items were purchased in a medium. I'm a size 8-10, i think i'll have to purchase small next time for everything except outerwear/jackets as the mediums are a bit too big on me.
a black strapless full length jump suit just like the one above BUT with gorgeous ruffle detail on the bust (boobie part) can't find an exact pic though and it's sold out so the page is offline!

floral off the shoulder romper
cropped denim jacket with cute buttons (to wear with all the florals i have, adds a nice vintage feel/touche)

my fav! military blazer. drools, it fits perfect too!
tan ballet flats with bow detail

white & black quilted bag with chain & bow detail. i love this, it's so much more good lookin' in real life.
check it:

alright, i'm off! bed time for moi :) i have a small priceline haul to do tomorrow (i'm picking up a few things) and a lip gloss review + swatch.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

a bit dazed love

hello all! it's so hot atm in melb, i'm attempting to not fall asleep. and addressing my last blog post: i am on the further west side of melbourne, and lilydale is on the further east side of melbourne. therefore it is literally on the furtherest opposite of where i am in melbourne. i'm so stupid applying for something so far and ruining my first preference. but it's just i LOVE their course. The only other one i really wanted was RMIT's but i didn't get their required 35 for my english study score. i got 31. And i think i only wanted it cos it was so close- next to melb central-so easy to get to. so so easy. *cries* haha sammy is licking my arm and leaning on moi as i'm typing. I think he's jealous that my macbook is getting all the attention.

on my nails atm;
~OPI osaka to me orange. i love this, it looks amazing. I was in doubt cos of some bad reviews but i don't know what they're on, this is a gorgeous creme orange with peachy apricot tones. perfect summer color.

me & sammy decided to go on a major photowhoring spree: (since what else is there to do when its burning hot outside besides sleep and beach? non of which is applicable- sleep=today's mum's bday gotta be up celebrating when she's home, beach=not happening)
eyeshadow~ UDPP as base. 3 colors from the sportsgirl be bold palette. (light beige on inner lid, bright blue on mid to outer lid & dark grey in crease & outer v)

Friday, January 29, 2010

lilydale nearly killed me

far out, i had the worst most stressful day in a while today. I had to travel down to lilydale for my uni enrolment and although i had planned the trip and knew the timetable, it was still effed up. i had to be at the station by 7.30am, the train took a while to come- i think i must have just missed one. got to the city and had to wait 40 MINUTES for the lilydale train. wth right? and then that journey took over an hour, where i got off at mooralbark or something and then ran for the bus which came early and decided to leave just as i was about to reach it. the next one was in another hour. i was going to walk but passers by told me it was at least a 20 min drive- imagine how long to walk???!!!
so i headed back to the station, and the customer service guy was extremely rude. he knew nothing- or pretended to and was a total asshole. i nearly cried because i had no idea where i was, i had no credit and i was about to be an hour late for my enrolment if i waited for the next bus. I decided to just catch the next train to lilydale station and try and walk it to swinburne. Luckily, a really nice girl about my age decided to help me out and she showed me directions to swinburne. Said it was 5 mins, well it was 5 mins but when i reached it there was a huge sign welcoming etc and no building anywhere. I was like watt theee? so i asked a family who was taking a nice stroll. I was told it was all the way up the path, which was conveniently located up a fucking hill. i then jogged/power walked up the hill cos i was already like 20 mins late and it started to rain lightly. It took me 10 mins walking fast up the hill to get to a building. I was surrounded by nothing- there was not even a maccas anywhere. They're like an inch away from being rural country.

I love my course, it's a double degree business/communications, i'm still deciding but atm i'm majoring in public relations & international business. I have an ID card- unfortunately although i like my picture, there are tell tale signs that i hiked up the hill in the rain and took a 3 hr train ride as i had a slight "split fringe" and i looked like i was forcing the smile a bit.

I don't know what to do now, it's not only me, i made 2 friends and they were saying how they thought you could choose to study at lilydale or prahran but no, it's basically a 4 year course and one semester is at prahran as there's a design part/section (which i am very much looking forward to!) sigh. the rest will be at fucking woopeedee lilydale, my favourite place on earth *shoots self in head*

I guess i'll wait for second round offers, i'm really annoyed that i didn't apply for deakin geelong as it's actually closer than burwood and effing lilydale. i wanna slap myself as i had wayyyy over the enter they wanted @ the geelong campus and would have gotten in for sure. GRRR. anyone tell me, is there a way i can still apply if i hadn't put it down as a preference???

I have a small haul from a forever 21 group order with 3 other voguettes. we split the postage between us so it was cheap :) i spent $135 inc shipping and got 6 items.
*2x play suit/jump suits (one long black strapless one with ruffles detail on the front & one off the shoulder navy & fuchsia floral romper)
*1x bag (white quilted with black bow & detail + chain strap)
*1x shoes (tan ballet flats with bow detail)
*2x jackets (military style blazer with statement buttons-love the cut of this- & cropped denim jacket for all the summery dresses i wear)

The order was placed a few weeks back but it took a while (as per always with int purchases) for the items to arrive and for us all to organize a meet up to swap items & moolah.
I also did a bit of op shopping/thrifting and got:
*a jewelry stand
*a gorgeous blue with ruffles IDS dress
*white blouse with detail around neckline
*sportsgirl white flowy vintage style blouse (i need a white slip for this though as it's a bit sheer)

i just discovered i am "that time of the month"-ing so i guess maybe that's why i'm a bit "stab lilydale" but sigh, i'm so tired. i had 2 hrs sleep and it took me 9 hours from lilydale and back and i only spent one of those nine hours actually there at orientation. left at 7.30am, got back at 4.30pm. it's 1 bus(10mins)--1 train(50mins)--another train(1 hr 20mins)--another bus (20mins). and that's if i don't miss one of them or they're not delayed. *cries*


Just had a fresh shower and i feel a little better :) bit tired (understatement-very tired) but i think i'll be okay with the whole uni thing. I'll just stick with this and see and if the traveling gets so bad, i'll just transfer or defer.

half asleep and nodding off as i type so i am off!
shall do eyeshadow look for this weekend on sat or sun :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i love my macbook pro ♥

guess what i'm typing on right now? i'm so excited, i'm so...wooo!

me with my macbook pro ♥

It was a present from my uncle for doing well with my academic studies and getting into my first preference. woo! maybe travelling 2 hrs for my perfect course won't be so bad now? :)
I'm just super grateful although i really think i hugged him a little too much today haha. At least he knows he's awesome!!
I'm still getting used to the apple mac interface. so different from windows. it's a bit hard since ctrl v/ctrl c/etc doesn't go for this (edit!!: i discovered it; commend+c=copy, command+v=paste. ahah *genius moment* =p). And there's all this new stuff to learn. Also i had to PAY for freaking microsoft office for this and it was exxy!


Anyway been a bit of a grump lately. Especially at my little brother whose always annoying but has been getting on my nerves epicly lately. I have to restrain from spraying him with a huge watergun, take that you poop!

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. greens from the sleek safari palette on the inner & mid to outer lid. bronze orange from the sleek sunset palette in crease & outer v. MAC creme cup l/s & MAC love nectar lustreglass on lips.

my nails atm:
~OPI strawberry margarita

my outfit:
dress: mink pink
beret: forever 21
bag: vintage
shoes: wittner
ring: forever 21


in sammy news:

happy Australia day everyone ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

stuff goodbye. hello again

So i know i said i'd go away and stop posting for a while but something personal in my life happened today which i don't feel like talking about at all. And all i can think of blogging about in my private blog is it.
I like the way i have just a private blog- like an electronic journal. I just get to note down things that frustrate me and family problems etc and just get it out of my system without regretting that i just told the whole world. Some things are too personal to share with complete strangers. I mean some things are hard to even share with those we are close with. We all have struggles in life that we find hard to deal with, and as much as i seem like a sunny happy smiley person, i have mine too. And you'd be shocked if i told you. (minus maybe 2 of my readers who know a bit about stuff) I'm a very open person but i'm very discreet & wary about certain things.

--- ♥ ---

So i had a bit of a bummy whatever day. Really bad head ache all day through.
Also a friend of mine from high school keeps calling me constantly and he called me during church when i was receiving communion and my mum picked up and when she handed it to me when i was back, i skitzed it. wth? he calls me like freaking all the time and i have a life, it's always in the middle of the party, when i'm sleeping, when i'm working or WHEN I'M FREAKING IN CHURCH. like far out, you're borderline stalker mate.

what i wore:
blouse: valleygirl (from like 2 years ago)
shorts: sportsgirl
shoes (black leather oxford booties): wittner
bracelet: diva
earrings: garfunkle

I hope i reach a 100 followers soon so i can do a blog sale, I really need to go through my make-up collection and cull a lot of it. Some really nice things but i just don't get around to using it all. and i keep buying more! eeek. So once i hit 100 followers/official readers- i'll be having a big make-up sale. International buyers welcome too :)

I'll also hold a contest once i hit 150. I promise some good give aways.

Anyways off to have another attempt at a movie marathon with the lil brother, popcorn? tick!
first movie? 'yes man'. yes indeed! haha :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

i love shoes.

super duper drained atm but i think i'm addicted to blogging (is that possible? :p) so here's another post. For some reason, hot weather makes me wanna sleep. like zzzzzz away.

So today, i reached record breaking getting ready time. I don't know how i did it but i was showered, make-up, hair and fully clothed ready to go in 15 mins flat. And you know why?
Because Wittner had an 80% off original price of sale items sale, that's right, 80 freaking percent. So their shoes which are normally like 2o0 bucks were like $20- BARGAIN.
how could i miss this? i couldn't! But it lead me to realize- i look better with minimal make-up, eg no eyeshadow just mascara. but i love eyeshadow so much :) I also didn't bother doing anything to my hair. I would save so much time every day if i did nothing, lol. So everywhere- have 80% off sales and i'll get ready fast every day ;)

what i wore today:
dress: forever 21
belt: temt
shoes (not shown- gold ballet flats with black suede bow knot detail at front): forever 21

and the newest members of the family ♥

so so so happy with all of them. the only down point? i saw shoes that i payed full price for on sale. i bought a pair of ballet flats on sale just before xmas for $90 from $150 and i thought that was great, and then? i saw them for $28 freaking dollars today. GRRRRR