Monday, July 26, 2010

in the groove ♥

Today one of MAC's collections that i've been waiting out for was released in australia- the in the groove collection (yes i know australia is far behind every other country's release blah) and i headed to my local MAC counter with wish list in hand. I knew the items i wanted; stereo rose, band of roses & jazzed lipstick. And the items i was thinking about also getting; petticoat & by candlelight. Of course i knew i couldnt buy them all and i swapped with someone for a brand new in box jazzed lipstick and swatched petticoat in person and didnt like it. So...
meet by candlelight msf, stereo rose msf & band of roses blush duo.
I love them all, i originally got stereo rose & band of roses then came back for by candlelight. Am having buyer's remorse for band of roses as although it is super pretty it was the most expensive and $50 (as opposed to an msf at $46 that is 3x the amount of product of the blush duo sigh) but i like it, so i don't know. should i keep it?
Also it is similar enough to dollymix which i also wanted to get. should i exchange it for dollymix? help a girl in need of urgent direction! =p

I also picked up a cute nautical striped blazer for the upcoming spring and summer weather to pair with dresses (aren't i preparing in advance? :D i hate winter)

I was accompanied by krissy and we again photowhored :)

Also sammy is a happy chappy again and pretty much recovered from his sickness/desexing woes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

lalalala ♥

Hello all ♥ i'm re-doing my last post (kinda) as i think it was a bit rushed and not organized enough (my my, i am fussy aren't i) I had a really awesome day catching up with a good friend who i haven't seen for a while and it was super fun just walking around the city, overdosing on coffee, walking way too much and shopping with Louise!
Also discovered how addictive caramel macchiatos are!

^omg it's an angry piece of poooooo!!!

I also had a strawberrynet order arrive this week full of goodies i have wanted for ages- funded by me selling one of my leather bags on ebay.

Dior amber diamond highlighter, Chanel soleil tan de chanel bronze universel, YSL golden gloss in no. 5.

And i also picked up 3 Inglot lip duos. I really like them, one side is a creamy lip paint and the other a gloss. These were on sale for $7. And of course, i didn't buy just one, but three!

Inglot lip duos in number 23, 24 & 20.

a few highlights from the past week including shopping trips to frankston, southland, DFO, chapel street and clubbing + all nighters and yummy pizza and free movie premiers and eating yummy kebabs :) woo

Also have 3 new nail polishes i look forward to trying- my nails are in need of a re-paint bad! i'll be rocking the minty essie one :)
OPI ate berries in the canaries, Essie mint candy apple, Essie watermelon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

210 followers give away ♥

As promised, here is the give away i'm doing to celebrate & thank my 210 followers ♥
When i started this blog, i had no idea i'd receive so much support and it means a lot when i blog about something with no pictures or anything and people still read through my essay and give me advice or support. thanks guys.
Plus, having a place to share my love for style and beauty with like minded people has been great :)
So here is a thank-you back to everyone who takes time out to read my blog and comment. This give away is open to anywhere in world, all my international readers as well as aussie ones. Everything is brand new never used and purchased by me.
~Sleek i divine eyeshadow palette in The Original
~NYX false eyeslashes in EL 135
~Swarovski crystal earrings (genuine, purchased from hand made etsy store)
~Bloom nail polish in Charlotte
~Covergirl lashblast mascara in waterproof formula, black brown.
~Bloom liquid lipstick in Blossom
~Rimmel sweet jelly lipgloss in Sherbet
~4x BYS eyeshadows in an ELF palette (i chose the colors and customized for you)

How to enter the give away:
1. obviously this is a thank-you to my followers so you must be a follower of my blog to qualify.
2. for one entry, comment this post, telling me what makes you smile. (yay for smiles)
also leave your email so i can contact you if you win.
3. for extra entries- as i know many of you follow me off blogger as well, if you are also a subscriber on my youtube channel, leave your youtube username also and you will get an extra entry.
If you are a also a follower of mine on twitter, leave your twitter username and you will get an extra entry.
So if you are a follower on my blog, and my youtube and twitter- you will get 3 entries in total as a triple thanks lol :) ♥

I'll pick a winner randomly using on the 20th of August (a bit less than a month)
G'luck lovelies xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

floral me lovely.

Hello beauties ♥ It has been a rough week for me. I got super sick (like choking in my own flem) and my pup Sammy was desexed and because he's such a lil guy, he's in quite a bit of pain. It makes me sad to see him like that and he has to wear a plastic cone around his head to prevent him biting his stitches (which he tries to do in an effort to 'fix himself' aka sammy plays doctor everytime we take the plastic cone off).
I finally did go to the doctors (out of no choice and really needing antibiotics) I'm on antibiotics now and i guess i'm feeling a bit better.
~Bloom eye color cream in eskimo as base & highlight. MAC pink split mineralized eyeshadow- light pink on inner lid, darker color on mid to outer lid & crease. MAC phloof! lightly on middle of lid for extra sheen and depth.
Chanel angel rose blush on cheeks & MAC lovelorn l/s with love nectar lustreglass on lips.

I do want to thank everyone for their lovely comments, when i started this blog i had no idea i would have so many readers and followers and i feel flattered especially since there are so many lovely people that i've become friends with and that take time out to see what i've been up to with my life. thanks guys ♥
I will be doing a 200 followers giveaway in my next post as a thank-you. This will be before my blog sale.

What i wore today;
(with outerwear-black boufriend blazer, as it's freezing here in oz)
Playsuit: Topshop
Necklace: Colette

Here is Sammy after his op with a yellow bow the nurses placed on him (they all adore him) and his cone which he hates but needs to wear :(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

daydreamer ♥

Hello lovelies :) Okay so i have some news. I got a new job last week in promotions/advertising. However i did some training for it and did some actual work yesterday. I realize it was a lot of over the phone promotion/advertising (aka the annoying shit- telemarketing) and it was just not for me. You know that you're in the wrong job when you dread waking up for it- not just the oh no not work again dread but the i want to kill myself if i have to sit through this job.
So i quit today, I'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen. I called up and talked to my manager and I did it today because i didnt want to drag it on further and make things more complicated to quit later on. Technically, I haven't "started" the job. I had a 2 hr period where i was doing what i would do in the job...and I hated it. I did get a customer in that period and i think that is why he didn't want me to quit and tried to convince me to stay. I know what i want though, and i need a job where i'm doing something practical not sitting at a desk with a headset. I also did not like the idea of having to manipulate someone, especially when i was not passionate about what i was selling or my job. The only thing i'm worried about is that i signed a contract and was told if i were to leave in the first 4 weeks i would have to pay a fee of $250. However i quit at the end of training, so i don't know if it applies. I tried to ask the manager about it but he kept convincing me to stay so i just got off the phone. I'm still contemplating whether to call up and ask or just leave it, I've been advise to leave it because if i bring it up, they might try and manipulate me and get the money from me even though i don't even think they're gonna pay me for the week's training i did.
BLAH. back to job searching, but at least i feel much happier. I was so cranky when i was working and it was 5 days a week of something i hated.
To celebrate, i took it easy today. Rested, as i'm still very sick (runny nose-flem blah). I then did an eyeshadow look which, i have not done for ages!

~Urban decay primer potion as base. MAC naked lunch on inner lid, Barry M bronze dazzle dust on mid to outer lid. Wearing Barry M palest lavender lip paint no. 129 sheered out with vaseline.

Also i have been watching 'The Bachelorette';
I want Ali to end up with Roberto because they would last i think.
But Kirk is also very yummy.
(L-R, Roberto & Kirk)

Taking my puppy Sammy to get de-sexed tomorrow- i hope it doesn't hurt him too much :( And possibly drop by the doctor's to cure my seemingly never ending cold!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

another piece.

I'm so sick of being sick. My sore throat is getting better but guess what? I now have a horrible running nose and keep sneezing, thanks immune system. I also have just started at my new job and i'm struggling as my body just wants to rest and my head feels congested. I'm having a great time and enjoying it but it involves team work and talking and did i mention, a lot of talking? My throat is not happy and my stuffy nose makes talking and breathing at the same time, a bit difficult.
I have tried to keep things pretty simple this week due to being sick, I went to pick up my own babyliss curling iron with my bestie on thursday. We also went shoe shopping because she was on the search for a hot pair of heels to match a dress she was wearing to a close friend's wedding. The shoes this season do not match elegant light pink dresses well let's just say! But alas, perfect heels were found. I spotted this amazing canvas of paris (well actually 2-one of paris landscape and other of new york city- but could only buy one) and i wasn't sure if i could make it work for my room but i could picture it in my head and so i put it on hold. On friday after work i met up with my best guy mate cos we wanted to watch Toy story 3 (which is amazing btw) and i came a bit early so i picked it up! I was like heck, it's the last one i'm going to regret it if i don't. So glad i did :) even if i had to hold it around for the rest of the night!

here is where it is hanging;
I love it!

Talking about Toy story 3, I went to watch it again tonight with my little brother as he's had a rough few weeks lately (i've been a really mean and strict sister) and i knew he'd love it. So have now officially seen it in 3D 2 times. (still love it ♥ dunno if i can handle a 3rd in a row though)

I have also been neglecting Sammy a bit due to my sickness (damn you sickness you wreck everything) and i'm too ill to take him for walks every day and on top of work, i just don't have the time. I do try to cuddle him and play with him though as he's playful and likes being held.

I do hope i recover soon, preferably i hope i can actually breathe properly by monday!
There is a cute blue eyed english boy that i work with & have made friends with- updates soon :)