Saturday, August 28, 2010

hello world ♥

Tomorrow is Ricky's birthday, and my mum is cooking a small feast to celebrate it tonight. She's currently running around trying to pick up my lil bro and then get Ricky a cake and then start cooking. Should be a good night. I also cleaned my room so i feel all refresheeedddd and stuff :)

~Urban decay primer potion as base, MAC retrospeck on inner lid, MAC in living pink on mid to outer lid, MAC tempting in crease & outer v. Wearing chanel rouge allure in exquise on lips.

What i wore;
cardigan: vintage
top: valleygirl (from years ago)
shorts: forever 21

**edit; i had to stop typing and have just resumed now after i have been fed and all full and happy :) it was a really good night. My good friend Lory who is Ricky's daughter, came over and we all had dinner and just talked and celebrated. I'm feeling all sleepy now though. Overdosed on hot pot (asian cuisine, google it) and spring rolls. yum!

and now for some major photowhoring cos it's what i do =p

I think i'll head off to bed and have an early a movie maybe? :) i was suggested to watch 'momento' another movie by the same guy that directed inception. hope it's good? apparently it plays around with your head.

oh also, i got a new phone (stolen phone dilemma has been put in the not really, if i find that bitch i'll punch her)
i got the sony ericsson xperia x10, wanted white but got it in black. love it.


blog give away winner! and a bit of a chat :)

Hello lovelies! okay so i think i'm ready to get back into blogging. Before i tell you all about where i've been and what's been happening, i'll announce the winner of my blog give away.

Congratulations to;

Hang from

i wrote down everyone's name in note pad with a number in order of your comment and the extra entries you each got etc, and then used to generate a random number.

i've contacted you, please send me over your address and i will pop your prize in the mail for you as soon as possible lovely :)

So what's been up? well...
I've had a rough week as i had my phone stolen at a house party i went to (right out of my bag, stupid bitch) anyway and then i was contemplating moving out and then someone close to me passed away (which i won't go into too much about as it's private and i'm dealing with it in my own terms). So ive spent this week pretty much just doing nothing and feeling sad and trying to really think.
I also had a fight with one of my best mates and it sucked bad. He was being a bitch but so was i and i should have just been blunt and went UR BEING AN ARSEHOLE STOP. Like when you're really close to someone from the opposite sex, it gets a bit awkward sometimes just making sure you don't overstep any lines but i think i've established that if i do, he's my bestfriend, he'll tell me and i will tell him and we'll work it out. I was pretty upset but when you've known someone for years and you're close to them, you just both get over it and it's kinda like it never happened. Really weird but awesome at the same time.
It did make me realize that i havent been myself this last few months, it's funny how you don't realize that you've changed...

Anyway i was always this down to earth girl who could make fun of herself who liked glamorous, pretty things however was never defined by them..but lately i feel like i've become a bit consumed by it all. I was talking to one of my bestfriends and telling her that sometimes all i really want to do is smile, tie my hair up in a pony tail, bum around in trackies and eat pizza while watching action movies (of course this was later repeated to my other bestfriend cos that's what happens when you have two awesome pple in ur life who u share useless info with). But when you've become so used to presenting yourself a particular way or others have become accustomed to seeing you in some way, it's really hard to break the habit and you just go along with it.
I feel like i always have to act in some way or be something, which is so not me. I've started thinking so much about the most useless things and i don't know why. NONE of it matters.
I don't always have perfect makeup-heck sometimes i wonder why i even wear any, it's just so much effort and sometimes i think there's the smallest difference, i'm not tall, i say stupid things, i get angry easily, i am addicted to sweets and i hate exercise. I don't play any sports and i can be really selfish at times. But that's okay, because no one is perfect and i shouldn't aspire to be.
I've also set up a criteria on how i live life and that's just not cool at all...I've always been this really friendly, bubbly and approachable person but because of that, i've been taken advantage of by arseholes and bitches in the past and to be honest, i'm a bit scarred by it all. By choosing who i befriended or associated with, i could ensure there were no unpleasant stalker people, perves or backstabbing bitches.

So i set boundaries and would only let myself be close to people who i thought were this or that...the thing i forgot about is that i like imperfect people, i like being imperfect and i like doing stupid things or making friends with weird people in the moment as it's what life is about. So who cares if i get stalked again (actually yes i do but...i can always just punch them in the face and move on) I also miss liking someone, i think i hold myself a bit too high and i have such unrealistic standards and i need to wake up to reality and just go crazy and not care about what i'm wearing or how i look or what the bad things people around me are doing. With me, it's never been about what others think but what i think of myself. I need to let myself love life and love others. I think by allowing myself to truly like someone, i let them in and even in their imperfection and all, i will see them as perfect because i like them so it's a scary thing. But it's human nature and i think even if i try not to like someone or concentrate on their flaws, i will still feel what i feel.
I've become a bit of a bitch though because of my 'rules' and my 'standards' and my 'expectations'. I don't like it at all.

I've started talking to new friends and old friends lately and it made me realize how much i miss them. How different they all are and how i get along with all of them.
The thing about setting boundaries and following them is that you grow to expect certain things to play out and when they don't, you don't have a back up plan and just feel shit. Life shouldn't be about back up plans anywayyyy or boundaries, who gives a shit. We're all gonna die sooner or later so we should do whatever.

Also, I need to learn how to let something go. Sometimes i forget that if something is meant to be, it'll happen anyway. I used to believe in fate and i need to start believing in that again. I don't need to do anything except be myself and live life.

I will be back with more posts and FOTD & OOTDs :) i miss you all blog people ♥

p.s. i'm going to the muse concert in december with my best mate, can't wait it's gonna be awesome! :) time to whip out some muse tracks and memorize the lines off by heart.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

hello hiatus

hey everyone ♥
i will be away from blogging for a while as i've started uni again and this semester it's all design units (i'm doing double bach degree in both business & communications) and that means i have a few folios to complete and well, not enough time on my hands and will be super busy.
i'm also at a new campus and I LOVE IT
for many reasons, a few being;
1. it's so much closer and like max 10 mins from melb cbd
2. everyone is so friendly there and super hot as well lol ;)
3. my units are really interesting

me and my uni bud ellen have had a blast with our first week and found all these amazing cheap places to eat on the main road. pretty cool!

today i went on a photoshoot outing for uni with my partner for the first project, who i got to know a bit better and is super nice.

i also had an outing last weekend which was nice and i got to catch up with my good friend louise and also go for coffee in the week as my uni is close to where she works sometimes during the week. mmmm caramel macchiatos

and have been hanging out with my awesome bestie, C* and also had a nice talk and stuff with my bestie T*

talking about coffee..i am becoming an addict, thanks early mornings and long days! i have to have at least one cappuccino a day. it's so bad..but so yum!

Also celebrated my lil brother's confirmation with close family and friends, was a lovely night.

going out for a very close friend's 19th tonight and a good mate's 19th later in the night. will be a blast :) need a quick nap though

and also, have a possible new job as a secretary, fingers crossed :)
will be posting again to announce the winner for my blog give away in about a week, have u entered? if not click here baby;

toodles lovely!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

middle part ♥

I never thought i would ever rock the middle part but here i am rocking it for the last few days. I'm surprised at the difference it makes and am embracing the change. The past few times i wore it with loose curls so i wanted to see how it would look straight-which is how my hair is naturally, as when uni starts next week, i might not have the time in the morning to curl it. I'm glad to report that i like it straight as well as curly! I am loving most of all- having my freaking fringe out of my face! I had such a problem with it when i had my side fringe which i was growing out. I think having a middle part frames my face better too so kudos.
I've also fallen in love with my YSL rouge volupte no. 7 lingerie pink again, which is what i'm wearing in these pics.

My forever21 haul which i purchased using my tax return money arrived today and i got these awesome red bows for my hair;

woohoo for red bows! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

road trip baby

Yesterday me and the bestie T* drove up to ballarat for a road trip and to visit the ballarat wild life park! Was such an awesome day. We also went to the ballarat botanical gardens and it is seriously beautiful there..
I got to pat and feed the kangaroos so i was a happy chappy! :)
I also held a snake with my bestie and i was freaked out/bit nervous at first but once its head was away from my face it was all good. The koalas i have to say are the cutest things ever..!
We also stopped by an op shop there and i got some great finds- the most expensive being $2.50! it's like amazing compared to melbourne's op shops/vintage stores which prices are like $10-$50 a piece.
I've also changed my hair part from side to middle part- It was initially a way to keep my fringe which im tryna grow out, out of my face but i've been told it suits me more than my side part so i'm keeping it for a while.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

wine & dine.

Hello lovelies! ♥ okay so i've had a nice week! i caught up with two of my bestest friends and had some great days.
Tonight, I ate at the press club in melbourne (famous show Masterchef's George owns it) it was totally worth the wait for a table. The food was delicious and it was a great night just catching up with a close mate and being in a place with a relaxed and chill atmosphere.
martini baby

And of course i was accompanied by my best guy mate who also likes dressing up and fine dining. However tonight was prolly the most expensive 2 people dining experience i've ever had- i've had a few, one with my bestfriend T* but yeah tonight was a step further and unfortunately for our wallets, it might be a start of a new tradition.

Also my mum took her god daughter shopping, and she's such a lovely girl so i was happy to accompany them. We picked up some new shoes and i got a dress while she picked up a new jacket. Also am now addicted to mocha milk tea with pearls at bubblecup, oh drools.

I am actually going backwards in time with what i did this week but on tuesday & wednesday i spent with my awesome bestie. On tuesday, we went on a journey to northland to pick up a pair of shoes i deadly wanted in my size which sold out everywhere else and also did a bit of exploring at the shopping centre. On wednesday, we went on a road trip to frankston, with some gps malfunction (scary stuff really...with where it lead us to dun dun dun) we ended up driving quite a distance in the opposite direction then made our way back and to frankston, was a great day and it was so fun driving up. We even raced some other jackass p plater! =p of course, we won yeah!
Also saw the movie Inception- i LOVED it. One of my fav movies of all time :)

Also hello chanel haul, i love my chanel goodies!
You know how sometimes you choose products you end up using every day and really suit you, this is what happened with this haul so wooo! :)

Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte, Glossimer in 257 bikini peach, Powder blush in reflex.

I also love katy perry's teenage dream song...
You think I'm pretty without any make-up on
You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong

I know you get me so I'll let my walls come down ♥

That's a guy i'd like to find :)