Saturday, September 18, 2010

cocktail dresses + zombies ♥

Hello all, i've been having a mental block in regards to blogging lately. I don't know what's come over me, i just have not been in the mood and happy with what i write etc. Maybe a mental block in life?
I had a good friend's film shoot today, basically a zombie film so it was super fun doing costume and make up for the extras and taking part in it.
I also went dress shopping before an appointment i had later in the day, i have an outing this weekend (tonight! seeing as it's past 12am and im still awake...) and i felt like a new dress for the occasion. I'm pretty good at bargain hunting though so i didn't pay more than $50 for both of these dresses.



Here are some shots from the zombie film shoot (by annie pham, rmb this name you'll see it in flashing lights soon)

and also went to see a movie with the bestfriend and some of her uni buds :)
watched 'easy a' was okay, pretty funny but not the best of the best.
now it's time for me to head to bed or i'll pass out! so over long days, just want a good sleep in :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

teenage dream ♥

~wearing my vintage wooly jumper cos it keeps me warm & happy :)

oh my! i have quite a bit of updating to do :) life's pretty hectic atm in terms of school but i'm actually really enjoying it. I've decided that if people in my life aren't gonna make an effort to be there then whatever, there's always other people who will take their spot. I'm sick of making excuses for people or having to modify myself in some way to suit others. I'm me, like me or piss off. Some people in my life are weird atm, and i'm so over feeling second best or figuring them out. And with others, i think i've just moved on. Sometimes it takes a few slaps in the face to wake up to reality.
I've also made a few friends at uni which i really like and i'm settling in. I applied to transfer to a different campus and i'm questioning whether i should cos i love the campus i'm at now so much.

also as some of you may know i'm going through a huge blush phase, i just love them. i havent really updated other additions as i havent blogged as much in the last month or so but here are the latest additions from this past week anywhoo;
~MAC pinkswoon, blushbaby, peaches. + MAC porcelain pink msf (love love love)
I've received them through online shopping from the US and swaps as i don't pop out money so try not to pay retail from MAC over here in Australia. :)

I also got some NYX blushes in my cherryculture haul and discovered these awesome lipglosses by jordana, seriously they're one of the best lipglosses i've tried and trust me ive tried heaps.
~NYX peach & angel, jordana glosses in btw, g2g, fyi & xoxo.

plus i got 3 sinful colors nail polishes too; i love them!!
~sinful colors in beautiful girl, soul mate & big daddy

here is what i have on my nails atm;
~sinful colors - beautiful girl

tata loves :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hello spring fringe ♥

hello lovelies ♥
so yay winter is finally over in Australia and nice spring weather is hopefully coming up. what does this mean? well, first off all- dresses without leggings and stockings, hello legs! and also shorts, skirts and playsuits woohoo!
I also got my fringe cut by my mum, which some of you may already know, is a hair dresser/beauty lady. I thought i could grow out my fringe since im 18 and all this year, you know do the sophisticated simple long hair thing but it bores me oh so much, and i hated that the only way i could keep my longgggg 'growing out' fringe out of my eyes was by using a clip or having a middle part (which i enjoy once in a while but is not really 'me')
I think having a fringe suits me, and like i can keep my side part but you can also still see both my eyes and half my face hasn't disappeared.

me and my mum went night time shopping tonight and we popped by portmans cos my mum is shop obsessed with them.

However a lot of their fashion is very 'young' and stuff now, which means ive found things i liked a lot but she was like :( because it was too young and not sophisticated-businessy enough for her.

loves her! :)

I was only there to make her happy and wait for her to try on stuff but i found 2 good finds for myself :) one which i saw a few months ago and loved (but did not love the price tag therefore walked away) but now it's on sale!

purple floral skirt $89.95 down to $19.95 (bargain!!!) this was the item i loved when i saw it when it first came out

lilac knit cardigan $79.95 down to $25

I have heaps of uni work due this coming week so i don't see me doing anything except work my arse off on folio work and essays this weekend :( although i hope i can pop by a friend's birthday party and catch up with a few good friends plus my bestie. wish me luck ♥