Sunday, October 31, 2010

where have i been?

Hello lovelies! i have not blogged for the longest time, but i thought i'd come back to give an update.
I have been drowning in uni work and also spending my spare time with my friends or at the gym. Uni lately has been pretty awesome but it's mainly because most of the time, i don't actually go to the classes but am off eating at a nice restaurant, lazing in a park or having a beer with my uni bestfriend ellen.

Also, i got my lip pierced. i really do like it and i think it was a good choice :) although i was rushed a bit and didnt get time to calm down before i got it done coz i was running late for my appointment. So once i got in, i was pretty much like yeah i want it pierced *postion chosen* *needle in* 5 mins later, my lip was pierced. I'm changing it into a silver hoop/ring that goes over my lip once it heals though (2 weeks baby)

Also i caught up with one of my close friends, krissy, it was really nice to see her as i hadn't seen her for the longest time and missed her heaps.
And just lately, i've been really happy, although tired (thanks art folios) I feel like i'm becoming me more and more and just learning about life and knowing myself better.
I've also learnt a lot about friendships and relationships. Made a few stupid decisions on the way but got there in the end.

However i get sad sometimes, it's just a weird part of me. And the other day i was in the crappest mood, for no reason and i made the stupid decision of going out that night and drinking. not to mention, i had a row with someone really close to me that night as well, so plus my bad mood, i had my first experience as the depressed drunk. So embarrassing, i just started crying. I had good friends who looked after me though, i just don't want to face the people who saw me cry and heard my feelings. I was so sad, when i got home but i received the sweetest text msg from one of my bestfriends and that stopped me from being even worst. I do think i need to be careful now that this sad front has moved into my emotions, hopefully it goes away soon. Not something i want to go into too much right now.
It was my bestfriend Carlos' bday that night though, so no matter the mood i was in, i couldn't miss it.
(lol, photos from that night, love her ♥)

I've learnt that your closest friends aren't the ones that always do the right thing, are the best for you or are nice. But they are the ones that care the most, that do stupid things with you, that don't ask questions but are always there, that put you before others and will go out of their way for you, the ones who are still there, repeating the same things over and over again, just to make sure you're okay. You can be the biggest bitch and fail, and they will love you exactly the same.

I also have learnt that i don't want or need 102384775 lipsticks and eyeshadows. Too bad and too late coz i pretty much do have that much. I might do a huge blog sale soon because i don't wear eyeshadow or lipstick anymore. When i do wear eyeshadow, pretty much once every 1 or 2 months, i used the exact same palette. I don't buy much new make up anymore so i feel like i might give up my beauty blog and channel. It's just not really something i'm excited or passionate about anymore. I do like to blog though, so hence my new obsession with tumblr :p

I had a really good friend's 21st tonight, bit of a bitch dragging myself out of bed at first, because i was just sad and wanted to stay in bed. However i knew i had to pick myself up, i did, and i'm glad as it was a good night. The birthday girl is one of the sweestest, nicest, genuine people i know.

I talked to my bestfriend Carlos, and i felt better. We went out into the city after and just went with the flow. Ate junk food and saw a movie, featured a lot of hiking in the rain, apparently according to him "an experience" it was nice holding hands and walking in the rain though, minus the part where i was afraid i would slip and die every min in my heels.
Also, i have been talking to this guy a lot and we've been texting nearly every day for the past week. I don't know what's happening exactly and whether he is into me, i really wish guys would just kinda make a move as i don't like taking hints. However as i was feeling a bit down today, he texted me again, and apart from being a confidence booster (which i did need, hehe) it was really nice to talk to him.

Also in other news, i have a new job at Myer :) so atm, i have both toys r us and myer, i am contemplating quitting toys r us though. I just really love some of the people that work there so idk.

I have not decided whether i will come back and blog again on blogger yet, so bear with me and i hope everyone is well ♥

Sunday, October 3, 2010

tumblr moi :)

thanks for all your lovely comments ♥ i'll probs be back on blogger later on but for now, as some of you have asked, here's my tumblr;

follow me lovelies! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

tongue piercing ♥

hello all! yes i have gotten my tongue pierced, and i LOVE it! i can't wait till it fully heals and i can change the barbell, i'm gonna have so much fun with it :)
i like it because it's fun but i can hide it if im in a business/professional environment. it didnt hurt when i got it at all, but it did a teeny bit after. i've had minimal swelling and it's day 2 today and i already can eat normal food again.
I had it done at around 3pm on thursday with my uni bestfriend ellen ♥ who held my hand (and nearly made me burst out laughing mid having a huge needle stuck in my tongue, damn you!!!) and she also got her lip done. we took pathetically long to eat our ice-cream after (mint choc from nz natural yummay!) and her older sis who is pretty awesome drove us and freaked out watching the piercings being done.

I won't be blogging on blogger for a while, as i've gotten into tumblr and also with uni, friends and life; i just don't have time to play around with make-up or take pictures of clothes. I'm curbing my spending and have not been buying new clothes or make up lately. I've also joined a gym this week and have gone twice. I can already see the difference so i'm happy :) but my body seriously aches coz i did too much the first session *dying*

I'll most likely randomly start blogging in the future again sometime but i'll leave you with a nice pic of me and my bestfriend from last week. these club taken photos never turn out nice but this one did so yay
take care lovelies & bring on summer for everyone in australia! ♥