Friday, November 26, 2010

jewelry loot + catch up ♥

hello lovelies!
i caught up with my dear friend krissy today who i hadn't seen for ages!
was a really fun day, we just ate at a nice restaurant and dnm'd and then did a bit of shopping. we both had shoe troubles, damn you nice shoes! first my sandals kinda fell apart and i had to go buy thongs to switch, then her ballet flats became super slippery to walk with and we both nearly stacked it. thanks unreliable footwear! :p

i picked up a fair bit of jewelry loot ♥
all cheap bargains! the most i paid for one thing was 6 bucks. woohoo :)
im trying to get back into posting about style/fashion/beauty so here's some photos of my haul :)
the boy whose quite sweet is driving me tomorrow to a different store to pick up a ring that sold out in my size at the store i went to today. he shall be repaid in hugs and kisses 8)

i've also picked up a few items for summer but instead of taking pictures of them, i'll try my best to do outfits of the day :)
have a good weekend loves!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

horse shoe ♥

so i have not been blogging so most of you will not know that ive had my lip piercing for over a month now but havent changed it from the original stud permanently till today (woohoo). this is because i changed it too early at 2 weeks and stuffed it up, i was told to wait 3 weeks as it was still healing but i didnt listen :p anyway it's finally re-healed and it felt right so i changed it last night. yuussss it has healed enough and it's all good :) i also bought a smaller crystal stud, the ring that goes over the lip pluss other stuff i can change it to eventually but i quite like the horse shoe.

hullo sailor :) haha

i also went shopping with my bestfriend today, but before that, i went to get waxed for summer. OMG one of the most painful experiences in my life. i will leave it at that.
picked up quite a few nice things for summer so quite fun. my bestie did a bit of xmas shopping so her bank acc is in pain. had an oporto burger today for lunch though and it was delicious, i wasnt going to coz of my changed lip piercing jewelry but in the end i was like eff it, i want a burger.

i've had quite a good week, i worked the last two days so today was a nice sleep in/break. i saw the boy tuesday night coz he picked me up from work and we drove to the beach. was a really fun night just lying on the beach talking and getting ice-cream, holding hands and going for a stroll ♥

Sunday, November 21, 2010

it's been so long ♥

hello lovelies, it's been nearly a month since my last post!
a lot of stuff has been happening and i've been super duper busy.
in regards to my blog, i think i will be back this summer but instead of just a beauty blog, it's going to be more about fashion & life. i'll still do occasional beauty bits etccc. but don't expect to see as much shopping/beauty as before as;
1. im saving for travel
2. i don't like make up that much anymore (don't hurt me!)
3. i shop once in a while now

i've finished uni now so hooray bring on the summer! i have to say, i was dying during my last week of uni as i had so much work i had not done. i'm a design student so i had two major folios to hand in for my studio classes, of which i left 13 weeks of work till the very last week. lots of crying, no sleep and a few days later, it was all done and handed in.

although even during that last week i still went beach with my bestfriend and participated in non study activities :p was totes worth it though :)

after i handed in my folios, me and my uni bestfriend celebrated by toasting on the beach and eating on pizza. was a very funny arvo actually and a few inappropriate for blogging experiences occurred :p im actually missing uni heaps (mostly because i didnt actually attend my classes most of the time) but it was lots of fun! ♥

on thursday night i went out for a bestfriend's bestfriend's birthday, bday girl booked out a hotel room and was kind enough to let me and my friends crash there. was quite a fun night :) although major lack of sleep.

Also that boy i blogged about in my last post briefly, ive been seeing him for the last 3 weeks and after a few fun dates, lots of texting and talking, we decided to start a relationship last night. his name is Justin and you guys might be seeing more of him in future posts. it's kinda funny because when i met him i was adamant on having an open relationship/not wanting a boyfriend. i still have a few commitment issues but i really like him so we'll see where it goes :)
he's a bit of a dork but i like guys that are a bit quirky and sweet :) and he's different from other dorks because he's confident and can have a joke with me (unlike most 'dorks' who are insecure) he also knows when he needs to be the man, plus he talks a lot and i talk a lot so it kinda just falls together :p and there's that butterflies chemistry feeling he gives me