Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010

hello all :)
since there's only a few hours left of 2010, i thought i'd do a blog post! ive been blogging very infrequently due to work and personal life and lack of free time but i think in 2011 i'll have much more free time and i'll be living it up and enjoying summer so should be heaps to blog about.

i stayed over in geelong last night with the boyfriend and this morning he told me to stay inside for a while, and i was like what why (thinking there's like something bad happening outside) and then he comes in and out and back again with a perfect pretty yellow rose picked for me which i thought was incredibly sweet seeing as it was 8am in the morning and we were both half asleep. therefore it is deserving of its own lil vase :)

moving onto something i havent done for a while!
outfit of the day:
dress: supre
shoes: novo

in other news, i took out my lip piercing! i got sick of it and it made making out (a new hobby of mine :p hello gorgeous and sweet boyfriend) a bit difficult in the long term.
it was really good while it lasted and i do miss it a bit but i still have my tongue piercing to keep me company :)

i'm both super excited for 2011 to come and a bit hesitant because my boyfriend is going away to thailand for a month in january and i know it's gonna suck heaps because i'll miss him. hopefully it'll go really fast and i can keep myself occupied with friends and work.

i had quite a nice xmas too, i spent xmas eve with the boyfriend, we had dinner in docklands and then walked around the waterfront at night. on xmas day i had a family dinner.

i also went to Muse's concert with zee bestfriend, was pretty gooood :)

had a nice road trip featuring a ukulele with a small group of friends over the public holiday weekend as well, was quite fun :D

also updates in uni life: i got both transfers YES. so i have a choice between a transfer to bachelor of communication design or bachelor of commerce. i'm undecided but i'll be honest i'm leaning towards commerce because of the career opportunities but would just like to say BYE LILYDALE NEVER SEEING YOU AGAIN BIATCCCH!!!
updates in work: i worked on boxing day and a few stocktake days at myer, i am put off shopping centres so bad now. it was absolutely H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E

and meet my new love, the sunhat :D
really handy on sunny days and perfect for summer road trips except melbourne's weather is lame and when it's windy you gotta be careful it doesnt blow away :p
see you in 2011 everybody! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello all :) i'm currently lying in bed being a lazy bum and also dealing with a bad stomach bug :( i must have eaten something weird this weekend.
I'm gonna be cleaning/renovating my room again this week once i get some time, pictures shall be up after :)
i will also do outfits of the day and as i don't touch much of my high end make up anymore, blog sale? :)
This post shall be an update of the last 2 weeks, i've been hanging out with my boyfriend and we celebrated our one month last week. He was sweet enough to surprise me for dinner and bought me a teddy which we named butter chicken cos we went for indian haha

he told me to do a pose and then he started laughing mid way hahha! :)

i've gotten so many mozzie bites in the last few weeks and insect bites, soooo fricken ITCHY! it's driving me mad and im trying not to scratch them but failing.

i also caught up with my bestfriend for lunch and we ate too much and photowhored in one of his fav stores loool :)

I had a pretty good weekend, went away to geelong with the boy and my bestfriend and her boy. We also had one of Justin's friends' and his gf come along. We attempted to fish and stuff.

I really wanted to go on the ferris wheel at night but then it closed so we went the next day yay! after we searched the town for a place that did pancakes at 2pm in the arvo hahaha. was really nice :)
i'm working quite a bit this week at both my jobs and have a few late shifts at night which will be a drainer but tryna think about the moolah and coz xmas pressies cost a lot :) then i have muse's concert on wednesday with my bestie woohoo