Friday, January 28, 2011

summer lovin'

hello all ♥ it's been a hectic few weeks, i've been catching up with a few good friends and just chilling out to the max. i was unwell for a bit (more on that later on) and also super stressed about my uni course decision for this year and enrolment. I did end up accepting my bachelor of commerce transfer over my bachelor of communication design transfer and ditched my double degree. I hope i won't regret the decision :)
also have been a bit lonely and trying to keep the boyfriend off my mind since he's across the world travelling atm. it's been a huge pain and my poor body and mind is suffering a bit. stupid boy.

anyway i went on a 3 day road trip up to the mornington peninsula with my bestfriend! :) it was amazing.

i did 3 things i will always remember;
1. made friends with the neighbours and partied crazy style
2. had the worst hangover in the world and thought i was dying
3. broke out in hives coz of a crazy allergic reaction to something on the strawberry farm

we did heaps of things like visit the mazes, beaches and carnivals. we also went vintage/op shopping and got great bargains!
it was just so good to get away from melbourne for a few days :)

also me and my friend annie have made a big bucket list of places to eat in melbourne so we've been slowly crossing off all the places
been preeetty amazing fun actually

i'm currently procrastinating from having to clean my room and stuff. i will be doing a big blog sale, getting rid of all my designer brand eyeshadows and lipsticks as i rarely touch either item now :( so sad. currently working up the motivation to actually take pictures of everything and list them up though. be patient with me :)

off to the markets tomorrow with the bestfriend and also have driving lessons. hopefully get hours done and get my license soon! :)
hope you all have an amazing weekend! ♥


  1. that looks like a ton a freekin fun dollface.
    and how come you are so stunninggg?
    you look amazing.<3

  2. sheeessshh you look super pretty!!! and I enjoyed reading this, i hope I can do something like this with my bestie! I'm glad to hear that you had an amazing time! have a great weekend!

  3. AHH I love road tripping to Mornington ! All I do is drink moscato, pick strawberries and go antique shopping there. Love it and looked like great weather to go ! Glad you're back blogging here & on youtube too ! ;-)

  4. I LOVE ALL YOUR PHOTOS :) HOW HAVE YOU BEEN! happy chinese new years btw :D

  5. looks like u had fun! :)

    dont worry he'l b back b4 u no it! :)

    lara xo


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥