Sunday, July 3, 2011

it's been too long ♥

hello lovelies!
i have been absent from the blogging world for ages! so much has happened i don't know where to start.
first of all, i finished my semester one studies! i actually just got the results yesterday and i did well. yay! super happy about that. especially since i started working full time during exams.
second of all, that leads me to my job now. i got a job at ANZ bank in the city! so I have been working there in the home loans department for a month now. it's been really stressful as it's 43 hours a week and i'm there from 8.30am-5pm every weekday. I don't drive either so it's putting up with unreliable public transport that makes it worst.
In other news, Justin and I are celebrating our 8 months next week. time has passed by so quick this year! it's already July and it's going to be christmas in no time! I've had the best time with this boy, he's been absolutely amazing in the last month while i've been just on the verge of pulling my hair out and whatnot, he's just been there for me so much.
he won me one of those soft toys encased inside those glass boxes where u put coins in and have to grab it out with the claw. woohoo! and then we debated over what animal the toy was and named it mamasita after the mexican restaurant we ate at that night :)

in random news, i've now had fried ice-cream! wooo :)

i have managed just now to start balancing my work life and normal life so i've been catching up with friends this past week :) me and tereza drove up to Mornington peninsula hot springs and had the best day and night ever. was so fun and relaxing :) and i caught up with my good friend krissy for a dinner date of dumplings and starbucks one day after work and i hadnt seen her for months so it was really good to catch up :)
and also i'm getting my wisdom teeth out in 3 weeks!! zomg! all four of them. wish me luck *scared*

and my guy bestfriend has gone to America for 4 months! that's right FOUR! so long :( we had his going away about 2 months ago, and here are some pics from the night.
and just some pics from random hangouts in the past few months :)
also i never actually blogged about my birthday weekend away back in april. I went away with the boy to Mornington Peninsula and although our kayaking trip was cancelled due to the crappy windy weather. we made last minute plans through the mazes and attempting to cook for ourselves and being tourists and going on ferries and it turned out to be quite an amazing weekend.
my cake hahah, my dog actually looks like this so to humor me he actually labelled it 'sammy'. bahahathis brain teaser seriously took us like an hour to figure out! it was such a head f*ck. u were only allowed to go in a sequence of colors to get to the middle and they made it so difficult that u would always end up in a dead end and there was only one possible way to the middle, gah!hence the celebration when we figured it out! yay :Dtube slides!!! :)nerding it out in a 3D 'scary' maze :p
so it's been a crazy ride the last few months but at the end of it all, i'm happy and i have some amazing people in my life. it's really scary that so much has been happening but im pretty excited for the future :)
i've got some new buys and all that and i STILL needa do my blog sale and i'll have so much to put up but i will get to that in time. hope everyone has been well :) and i shall try my best to blog again!


  1. Awww~!! It's not good hearing you have a stressful time but glad you overcome it! I hope you'll be finding ways to balance out that full time job and your education :(

    On another note, happy 8 months and happy belated birthday!


  2. Nice to see an update :) Your hair is so gorgeous and long!

  3. OMIGOSH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! so much has happened just wow! O.o first off, it;s so great to hear from you again and I'm mighty ecstatic to know that you are doing well aside from the work stuff and congrats to you and your boy <3 and girl, you are lookin skinny! beautiful nevertheless and I just squealed when I saw that cat, it's a maruneko and is my current obsession right now! We're so lucky we don't have a ufo catcher with that prize cause I might max my card to get all :/


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥