Wednesday, June 20, 2012

cotton candy

hello lovelies
so it has been the longest time, i have not written a blog entry in agesssss.
so much has happened and yet i'm still very much the same girl.

1. i have hit my twenties :p
2. have changed my bachelor degree from marketing to HR.
3. i have a new laptop it is pimped out in pink.
4. i have an iphone now. i love it.
5. i have now been overseas and on a plane (first time ever!)
6. working in the finance industry part time while doing uni full time
7. been with the same amazing boy for almost 2 years now ♥

i'm going to be returning to blogging as it's always nice to have an outlet to write about shopping, style and fun times. it's nice to reflect on stuff that makes you smile and also rant about stuff that makes you frown. i also miss my blogging buddies and readers, and i wonder if any of you guys still blog or read? hello though :)

so today on my uni break i decided to try out the revlon lip butters! i left happy with my choice for my first (but not eyeing at least 1 other color *future buy*) lip butter shade - cotton candy.

it's a smooth sheer yellow toned pinked with slight slimmer
it's quite moisturising and reminds me of a lipgloss mixed with lipbalm in lipstick form.
pigmentation seems to depend on the shade. this shade is a more natural shade but it does add color.

in other news i went away for the recent long weekend that just passed to the mount buller area. was really nice and fun :)

le country view outside apartment:
mount buller:

i was not very good at skiing at all but justin got the hang out of it pretty good :) 
pizza on mount buller woohoo!

Also went to lake eildon which was amazingly beautiful!

also i have instagram now - username is ceciliarocks, follow me :)


  1. Great post! I'm in love with Revlon lip butters and just recently purchased my 4th one! And it's probably for the best that you opted out of marketing. I've been in the industry for almost 5 years now and well, with the economy the way it is the industry has not grown (if anything, it's significantly smaller).

    1. lip products = loveeee! and thanks for the advice, liking HR so far so hope it was a right choice xx

  2. Welcome back! I hope you update more often soon :) congrats on a lot of things! I've been late on getting the lip butters but I definitely did not regret!

    1. aw i will try to update but it's good to back in the blogging world :) hope you've been well love x

  3. ceciliaaaa
    i got back into blogging as well, but its mostly like a photo journal now... gone are the days of swatches and reviews LOL

  4. welcome back cecilia!! <3 you were terribly missed and lovely photos as always <3!!!

  5. Nice blog! Can we follow each other? :)

  6. ohh you look adorable! love your lip color!

    1. aw thanks darl! and like this revlon lip butter very much too xx

  7. Omg you're back!!! Yay! I used to follow you on my private account but now I've started my own blog so I'm following you on that now :)
    Love the lip butters, I have 10 lol yup just a little crazy.
    Ooh Mt Buller..was there for 5 days exactly a year ago!! You're making me all nostalgic! I think we went to that exact pizza place too :P
    Lake Eildon looks beautiful!
    And I shall follow you on instagram now - I'll be suelovexx :)

    1. aw yay. love ur blog! glad u decided to start one and no way you can never have too many lip products :p
      and yes lake eildon was really nice and relaxing! xx


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥