Saturday, July 21, 2012


I so can not wait for summer! but for now i'm allowing myself to indulge in some winter buys...
i'm loving flats at the moment. heels are great but you cant beat the comfiness of flats ♥
here are some of my latest additions;
can you tell i love bows? haha!
i found the most amazing winter jacket this week too which is actually warm! it's so good because a lot of the times manufacturers make girl clothes (jumpers, jackets) really thin or not warm at all.
it's so cute i love the fur hood and duffle detail! :) best thing? on sale for $30! and i had seen it half an hr before at another shop for $80! woohoo winning! 

the bestie and me do a catch up once every week and we go out to dinner in the city cos we both work in that area now. of course, being a uni student still and saving up for things- we try to stick to cheap eats. last week we headed to don don near melbourne central for cheap light asian food :D

and i went ice skating the last weekend - photos up later as the boy has them on his camera. but the boy fell and pulled a muscle on his arm pretty bad. however i actually managed to ice skate for real! yayyy pretty fun once you get the hang of it. 
our handmade emergency ice-pack! 

i'm currently trying to keep my room clean as i just cleaned it and it's probably the cleanest it has ever been now, so that includes not giving into my floordrobe/chairdrobe habits..
 i tell you hanging up stuff is a lot of effort! *wipes hardworking sweat off forehead*
 so i rewarded myself with a chick flick movie night yay :)


  1. Good work with the closet organizing! You have a talent for bargain finds. Go ahead with the flats! =D

    1. haha thanks lovely :) and aw i gotta try and control what i allow myself to buy though, so tempting to buy pretty shoes though! :p xx


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