Sunday, July 29, 2012

smoothie love

So another week has passed involving some new likes (instagram, home made smoothies, cute shoes and bargain shopping!)
and adventures (dnms with the bestie over life's ups and downs, bbqs and the good ol' friend drink up get togethers)
my fav take away avocado smoothie! yum!
my home made strawberry & banana smoothie version ♥ when a craving for smoothies hit at 10pm and no take away smoothie place was open.

cc thinks that when the weather is cold some retail therapy is needed :)
meet some new wardrobe additions:
i love cute flats, im such a shorty but lately i've been choosing the comfy flat over the high heel. does anyone know any recommendations for good quality ballet flats/cheap bargain flats? 

on saturday me and the bestie had an outing involving of seriously yummy food (laksa king!) and bargain shopping (supre outlet!) 

epic winter time toocoldtobeoutside-decluttering resulted in this:
 it's been the longest time since i cleaned out my shoe stand! chucked out half of the shoes which i dont wear and dusted and organized :)

 hello new iphone case! :) 

winter time outfit. 
knit - mink pink / singlet - kmart / leggings - ozmosis / boots - tony bianco

toodles lovelies! :)


  1. Omg your shoe collection *melts*
    Love your winter outfit!!!
    And you look so gorgeous in the bottom photo :)

    1. aw thanks darl! and yes i love shoes too much :( xx

  2. hard to imagine because its so hot here on the other side of the globe!
    so glad to see u update on the small things happening in life :)))

    1. aw im jealous i am def over the cold weather! and hope u are beaching it up over there :) and thanks love x

  3. omg avocado smoothie! does it taste like guacamole? lol

    1. hey! nah it doesnt. its really yummy ill take u to the place one day. its like an asian restaurant xx

  4. I have just started using instagram recently and I am loving it as well. Strawberry and banana smoothie is my favourite smoothie flavour! I am craving for some now >-<



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥