Saturday, February 2, 2013

naked love

So I am a bit behind on the urban decay bandwagon but purchased the naked palette and am loving it!
eyeshadow look:
inner lid - virgin
outer lid - sidecar
crease - toasted

On wednesday night i went to swedish house mafia- most amazing concert ever!!! was so fun


  1. Happy new year lovely! Oh wait, it's february already. I've been wanting the naked palettes for ages, but since i don't wear eyeshadow often I'd rather spend it on something else. But I would purchase once i have extra money lying around.

    You look great in the photos!

  2. aw thanks love! and omg yes this year has gone so fast. and i'm the same but slowly getting back into eyeshadow and the palette is really nice. xx


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥