Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm back

It is the oddest thing returning to somewhere you have previously been.
To think there was a time you existed in this exact same place but you were different.
I have not written a blog post for about 3 years! I have grown and changed so much as a person since 2013 and I think I'm ready to start blogging again. I find blogging just a good outlet to talk about things I like and to let my thoughts go.
I thought about deleting everything and starting again but I think I should just continue on, after all I am still me.

Looking back the significant changes have been;
1. I am no longer in the same relationship I was in 2013 although it did last all up for 3 years.
2. I have had a few different jobs but have moved into a new role late last year which challenges me and involves travel (one of my loves woohoo)
3. I have moved out of home and back again (saving to buy a place!)
4. I have cut a lot of poisonous people out of my life
5. I am now big on health and fitness (I even go hiking which is something 2013 Cecilia was not big on)
6. I love breakfast and it is my favourite meal! (I never used to even eat breakfast a few years ago :O)
7. I love tea now and baths. So relaxing. So good.
8. I've also become a wear a watch every day person. Yes. It has happened
9. I never thought of myself this way but I have realised that I am a very organised person. I like planning and I like things a certain way.
10. I am a red wine drinker (I couldn't even stomach a drop of this previously)
11. I have travelled to Asia, America, Mexico, Europe and around Australia and don't plan to stop. I would like to do South America for my next big trip.
12. I enjoy cooking and am now capable of feeding myself nutritiously haha
The rest is surprisingly pretty consistent. I still have the same main best mates (with some new additions since 2013!)
 (so much love here for them)

I have travelled more and I still want to get the most out of life- I am even more driven now.

I will still be blogging about the same things; life, style, shopping, make-up/hair, food and also now fitness and health. I think my style has changed and also my life style so expect new vibes :)